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Must See Shows This Fall

After binge watching Netflix all summer, everyone is ready to get back into the fall TV scene. There is just something about waiting an entire week between episodes that is just much more satisfying.  (While #TGIT should always be on your radar, it is not included because this article would go for DAYS! But we also recommend checking all of those shows out!) Here are the top shows for fall, both new and returning, that will make you forget all about Netflix.

Scream Queens

This sorority meets serial killer “horror comedy” is the perfect show for teen and 20 somethings. This star studded cast is definitely going to be on everyone’s radar this season. From the creators of Glee and American Horror Story, viewers are bound to be shocked with each scene and be prepared to have flashbacks to Mean GirlsScream Queens premiered September 22nd with a double feature and is on every Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX.  Find the online episodes on Hulu.


ABC’s newest thriller features a stunning *hot* cast with a storyline revolving around an attack on an FBI base. Starring former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, this show is perfect for anyone who [binge] watches Scandal, NCIS, Bones or the likes of these shows. If you enjoy being on the brink of solving the mystery, then this show is for you! Quantico premiered September 27th at 10/9c.

Heroes Reborn

For all of the Heroes fans that were left with an empty feeling after the show ended, you can finally fill that void with this new miniseries. With 13 episodes (not a huge commitment), this is a perfect event for both original fans and newcomers. This show fulfills any cravings for attractive teens with strange superpowers and premiered September 24th on NBC.

Blood and Oil

Hottie Chase Crawford returns on ABC’s newest soap. Filled with drama and deception, this show is similar to Revenge, so if that was your guilty pleasure — here’s another! The show is set in North Dakota during a huge oil boom and will definitely have a lot of betrayal and secrets. Tune in starting September 27th (prepare for some Gossip Girl throwbacks and feels.)

The Mindy Project

Hulu has seriously saved some lives by bringing back Mindy. Each week Hulu will release a new episode, granting everyone the recommended dose of Mindy (and Danny), though binge watching is always an option. Even though it isn’t a new show, it has more episodes in the new season than ever before, so even more Mindy! This show is great if you liked The Office, New Girl or romcoms in general. It’s a must see!


Batman fans, who have always wanted to know what happened before the movies, can continue learning with the newest season of this dramatic thriller. While Jada Pinkett Smith has left the show *tear*, her sass and amazing flair is still there. This season is focusing more on the villains (who doesn’t secretly love the villains?!) which is a different take from all of the superhero shows on air right now. Tune in starting from September 28th on FOX.

American Horror Story: Hotel

Little monsters around the world are counting the days until the premiere of the new AHS (October 7th, but who’s counting…oh wait) because the amazing cast is now even more ah-mazing! Lady Gaga is starring as The Countess and is looking bad a** in all of the promos. All loyal AHS fans will be missing Jessica Lange but that grief will be forgotten after the first gruesome scene. Alongside Gaga, we will be seeing AHS regulars: Sarah Paulson, Matt Bomer, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters *YAS*, and Angela Bassett. Also keep an eye out for New Girl’s, fan fave, Max Greenfield (Schmidt) this season. This season is sure to be as unpredictable as the last, but always entertaining.


This is a new show featuring Jaimie Alexander as a Jane Doe who wakes up with no memory covered in mysterious tattoos. A team of FBI agents has to solve the puzzles in the forms of tattoos. Of course a mystery show wouldn’t be complete without a male lead, Sullivan Stapleton, who has chemistry with the Jane Doe. This show will get your blood pumping and make you want to be one step ahead. Begin watching from September 28th 10/9c on NBC.

Sydney is a sophomore at Connecticut College studying biology. She is a member of the women's water polo team and is also involved with animal and civil rights groups on campus.
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