Life as a Triple Major

        I currently dislike introducing myself. When I have to mention what I am studying/my majors, I receive lots of reactions- ranging from disappointment to shock. At Connecticut College, I declared three majors: Italian Studies, Government, and Sociology. In addition, I am a student in the Global Capitalism Integrative Pathway. Most people find it unusual that I am going “above and beyond.” People question whether I am out of my mind or do I have time to sleep. One response in particular, that I received this semester [Spring 2018] by a white staff member was the breaking point. She had the audacity to tell me, “Why? I find this very unnecessary.” As the respectable young black woman that I am, I responded with, “because I can.”

       Many people ask me, “do you over point each semester?” or “are you going to graduate on time?” No, and yes, respectively.  During high school, I took a lot of AP/IB/Dual Enrollment courses and I was lucky that those credits were able to transfer. After this spring semester of my sophomore year, I will have completed almost 100 credits. If anything, I can graduate early if I wanted to (still debating if I want to do that).

       My intellectual curiosity does not stop at one subject. Before I enrolled at Conn, I knew what I wanted to study and, it still has not changed. I have the ability to see the intersections of all three of my majors; they have a lot of similarities. If I have to describe myself in a couple of words it would be: Italian Studies, Government, and Sociology. These subjects are what makes me ‘tick’, cause me joy, and sometimes pain. I am not me, without them.

      First, I declared Italian Studies. I began a love affair with Italian since the 6th grade. I continued Italian all throughout high school and took Honors/IB/AP/Dual Enrollment courses and everything in between. In addition, I received awards for distinction in Italian. I specifically chose Connecticut College because I could not imagine my life without studying Italian. Next, I declared government. I took my first government (and favorite) course with Professor Borrelli-U.S Government and Politics (GOV111). I was always interested in voter turnout and political participation within low-income and minority populations, especially in my hometown of Miami. Again, I knew I wanted to study government but Prof. Borrelli pushed my interest into a passion.

      Finally, I declared sociology. This subject came to me intrinsically I have always questioned everything around me. Family members tell me that since I was young, I loved being in “grown folks business” because I liked to be intellectually challenged. I liked to question them about their love lives or their socioeconomic status. I was ecstatic that I could get my questions answered through sociology.

     There are plenty of people that continue to doubt me; they cannot see my drive, ambition, and goals. For those that are considering triple majoring or other academic routes, I always tell people that it is very crucial to plan ahead. See what courses you need for the major, which semester will it be offered, and who will be your adviser. In addition, ask yourself, “will my academic route limit my opportunities for growth? For example, going abroad or writing a thesis.

Therefore, if there is a will, there is a way.