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Letter from the Editors: Fall 2015

First of all, WOW. You guys blew us away at the club fair. We are thrilled about how girls are getting excited for Her Campus, and absolutely amazed that lots of you are now on our e-mail list! With new members of every class year, we believe that this is going to be HC Conn Coll’s biggest year-to date. We can’t wait to see all of the creative, collaborative, and insightful work sure to come from this diverse group.

In addition to our new members, here are five things we’re looking forward to this fall…

  • Updating students on fun campus events #crodanceornodance

  • Exploring New London with our SEAT bus stop

  • Keeping sophomores in the loop about center applications

  • The first day it’s cool enough to justify hot cider (or a PSL!)

  • Fall Weekend and Harvestfest!

In case you were unable to make it to the club fair (or just need a reminder!) our first meeting of the year will take place Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 9pm. Our meetings are in the Women’s Center in Burdick basement. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get to the Women’s Center–there will be signs to direct you there! Before the meeting brainstorm some ideas to write about, or topics that interest you that would be good for others to write about. But even more importantly come with an open mind and enthusiasm!! See you there!


Campus Correspondents Susannah and Julia

Susannah is a senior at Conn Coll finishing up her Psychology and English double major with her Religious Studies minor. Susannah loves finding new music on Spotify, watching romantic comedies, and practicing yoga. Fresh out of the oven cookies are her greatest weakness rivaled only by her love of online shopping.
Julia is a senior who loves writing for Conn's Her Campus chapter! While she is studying economics and environmental studies, she is also interested in fashion and beauty. Her Campus has allowed Julia to incorporate these personal interests into her weekly schedule.
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