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Join the Club! New & Upcoming Clubs on Campus This Year

There are so many different opportunities at Conn, it can get hard picking which clubs to join. Whether you are interested in a sport, like the Women’s and Men’s Rugby teams, looking to spread diversity on campus, through La Unidad and Spectrum, or raise political awareness, like Connecticut College Democrats, there is a club for almost any interest you may have. Check out the newest official clubs that just began this year, including Her Campus Connecticut College— bringing you campus updates, some awesome entertainment, and much more! 

Co-president: Conor McCormick-Cavanagh
Co-President: Alanna Jamner
Treasurer: Molly Bangs
PR Co-Chair: Lily Plotkin
PR Co-Chair: Natalie Liener
Secretary: Cole Delbyck
Faculty Advisor: Tristan Borer
About: Amnesty International is a human rights advocacy non-government organization that strives to eliminate human rights violations and promote universal human rights worldwide, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or political affiliation. Its members promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on campus, within the New London Community, nationally and globally.The club intends on educating the student body and faculty on a variety of human rights violations and issues that occur everyday.
“We like to see students become invested in the successful outcome of campaigns and actually pay attention to what goes on in the world. We want people to care about what happens in Syria, what happens in North Korea, and what happens in other places where people aren’t as lucky as we are. We plan on having lectures from experts in the human rights field, film screenings and director talk backs, an awareness raising a capella concert, among other great events.”  -Conor McCormick-Cavanagh, Co-President 
If you’d like to learn more about Amnesty International contact Alanna Jamner (ajamner@conncoll.edu).
President: Sean Monaghan
Vice-president: Dezmond Bishop
Secretary: Marialyse Martiney
Treasurer: Dezmond Bishop
Admin. Assistant: Zoe Halpert
About: Conngarde is a club for all who already fence, those who want to learn how, and to have fun doing it together! The club provides an environment where people not only will develop their skills to reach their maximum potential, but also help each other do so. Those new to the sport can receive help from the experienced fencers, but the club is also looking into finding a coach. The club is still growing but is looking into finding other schools or clubs in the area to practice and compete against.  
“I think Fencing is such a great sport because it involves both individual and team elements.  The bouts are one on one, but when competing against another team you need to rely on not only yourself but on your team mates as well.” -Sean Monaghan, President
For more information, contact Sean Monaghan (smonagha@conncoll.edu).
Co-president: Anthony Sis
Co-president: Karina Hernandez 
About: Queer People of Color [QPOC(+)] serves as an educational support group where Camels are educated on issues pertinent to queer people of color on campus and in the surrounding communities. QPOC commits itself to deconstruct and analyze systems of injustice and seek tools to empower our community. The group is open to people from all backgrounds who wish to explore how the campus is progressing on issues related to gender, sexuality, race, class, religious expression, adultism, and ableism. Fun Fact: The (+) is to recognize the allies in our community who are not queer people of color, which means that the group is open to everyone and anyone who is open minded and wishes to be engaged in a series of great topics!
“QPOC(+) is extremely important because the group is committed to deconstructing and analyzing systems of injustice through dialogue and conversation in our weekly meetings.”-Anthony Sis, Co-president
If you’d like to learn more about QPOC(+) contact Anthony Sis (asis@conncoll.edu) or Karina Hernandez (khernan1@conncoll.edu)
Camels are always getting creative, and if they haven’t found exactly what they are looking for or interested in a new cause, they look to start their own club. These are some great clubs looking for interested members. Feel free to contact them with any questions!
Liberty in North Korea (LINK)
President: Lisette Ocampo
Public Relations: Anna Glidden
Treasurer: AJ Omartian
About: The purpose of LINK chapter at Connecticut College is to eliminate any misconceptions of North Korean stigmas and prevent discrimination. The mission of LINK itself is to rescue and resettle North Koreans hiding in China, because if they are found, they will be sent back to be tortured and executed. LINK at Connecticut College will need to raise $2,500, which is contributed to the main organization located in California. This money will allow for the transportation, safe haven, food, and utilities needed to resettle one person. See here to find out more about the cause. 
“Everyone should have an equal opportunity to improve their life, just because they are North Koreans we shouldn’t discriminate against them. They do need our help.” -Lisette Ocampo, President
If interested, contact Lizz Ocampo: locampo@conncoll.edu 
Tennis Club Team
Members: Alex Breakstone, Amy Levenson
About: A fun time for all those interested in playing club tennis. More details to come!
Contact Alex Breakstone (abreakst@conncoll.edu)
 for more information.
Hi! I'm Arely and currently a sophomore attending Connecticut College. I've grown up in NJ for most of my life but I've lived in Mexico for two years, I did an exchange program to Finland during one summer, and I've done a little bit of backpacking. I'm not sure what area of study I want to pursue or what do as far as a career, but I am excited to see what the future unfolds.
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