How To Survive The Winter Months


Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Berry

Cracked hands, flakey legs, and chapped lips: these are the ailments many of us endure beginning in November all the way to March. I may not be able to help you get over a bad case of the common cold or the flu, but I can offer up some tips to help moisturize. Thus, below are some Winter essentials that I hope make these New England months a bit more bearable until we enter Spring (in which I will write a follow up article on how to survive the rain season in Connecticut...stay tuned).

Vaseline Is Your Friend

I love chapstick. When my mom didn’t let me wear lipgloss or lipstick in middle school, I stocked up on Lipsmackers and tinted chapsticks instead. What I have discovered over the years, however, is that although smothering my lips with coca-cola flavored chapstick is appealing, it doesn’t really aleve cracked lips. Bummer, I know. I have a whole draw of lip products at home, so trust me when I say, that I have tried quite a few drugstore brands. I was a the forefront of the Eos trend and the return to Burt’s Bees. Despite the beauty of these brands’ packaging (and that is always how they get me), I have to say that these products never really help my chapped lips. Thus, after nineteen years I still return to my hand-dandy tub of Vaseline. And I suggest that you do to if you want smooth, kissable lips and not cracked, bumpy lips that vaguely smell of mango.

Scrub Those Legs!

Don’t be fooled, exfoliation isn’t just for your face. My shower routine has grown since my days of Johnson & Johnson and most recent to the party is body scrub. I know you might be thinking that you don’t have time for this added member on your shower shelf, but scooping some body scrub from its pot and then rubbing it (somewhat aggressively) into your legs takes seconds and reaps hours of rewards. I enjoy The Body Shop’s body scrubs, but my first love with this product was made by Neutrogena, so there are a slew of options depending on how much you want to spend.

Oil Isn’t Just For Cooking

Do you make your grilled cheese with oil or butter? Very important questions. I tend to use butter, but that doesn’t mean I have anything against oil. In fact, I smother my legs with body oil once a week after I shave. I have found that this process helps make my legs feel smooth and bounce back after being shaved (again...somewhat aggressively). I rub the body oil into my still damp legs and then dry with a towel. I originally used Neutrogena’s body oil, which I still love, but have since been using Ouai’s Rose Oil for Body and Hair. This product is on the pricier side, but it smells divine. I will admit that this product does the same thing as Neutrogena. Capitalism.

Just Add Butter!

Don’t be fooled by this heading: I am not about to describe an at-home recipe for body lotion. Although that would be pretty cool. Instead, I am going to praise the next best thing for your legs after body lotion: body butter. This is a super-extra-Elizabeth thing, but hear me out. Body lotion is great and I have my favorites (anything from The Body Shop or made by Vaseline - see above), but recently I have become a huge fan of body butter. This mysterious new body accessory is ten times more nourishing and moisturizing than it’s inferior body lotion, but be aware that means it is ten times more thick and sticky. So, don’t put this on in the morning before class, but instead at night before your climb into bed. Trust me, you will wake up with smoother skin and that is always a nice way to start the week. My favorite body butter is The Body Shop’s Almond Milk & Honey, but CVS is now selling various brands of body butter if you are looking for a drugstore steal (Google seems to be showing one made by vaseline...I might just have to try it).

How Many Hand Creams Can One Girl Have?

The answer: infinite. Dry hands are my nemesis. Last year, my hands were so dry that they cracked around the knuckles and bled! This was perhaps due more to my excessive washing in attempt to avoid the swirl of various germs around campus, more so than the season. Regardless, I have since learned the importance of having hand cream by your side at all times. I carry around a small tube in my backpack and have one on my bureau in my room. I will be honest that I have not found an amazing hand cream to end all hand creams - I will be sure to share this information when I do find it (if I ever do) - so I don’t have a particular product to recommend. Honestly, just try a few from your local drugstore and you will be golden. I do like Golden Bond’s hand cream, though.

What About Your Face?

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about the most importance skin area on your body: your beautiful, wonderful face! Given that this feature is so important, it is best to treat her or him well. As I mentioned in a previous article on skincare/acne, I believe in the importance in moisturizing your skin throughout the year. I stand by my recommendation of Cerave facial lotion, but as long as you moisturize after washing your face, your skin cells will thank you with a glamorous glow.