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How to Rock White All Year

It is that time of year where the leaves are changing and everyone posts ironic “Winter is Coming” pictures. After Labor Day, everyone expects to pack away their white clothing forever (or until next summer), but this year is different! This year “Winter Whites” are going to be easy to style and pull off thanks to these tips on rocking white after Labor Day.


No, we aren’t talking about the popular Wu Tang hit song, we are talking about what kind of white is the best for winter. When shopping/planning an outfit, remember that “winter whites” should be creamier, rather than the bright white seen in the summer months. The warmer color will make you look better and pair well with other colors. If you want to rock a statement (and channel Olivia Pope vibes) this ASOS duster jacket is on trend and is the perfect creamy white you want! If you are still unsure about wearing white in winter try a sweater or opt for accessories for the cold like a hat, scarf or gloves.

Neutrals Always Work

The best partner for white in winter is another neutral. You can never go wrong pairing white with black, tan or grey. This is crucial if you are a beginner to the winter white scene. By adding small accessories to a neutral outfit you can ease your way into the trend. Playing with neutrals can also allow you to control how dark or light your ensemble will be. If you often wear darker colors, try a white coat over your outfit. If you prefer lighter colors, you can pair white pieces with light greys and even pastels! [This fall it’s all about light pink!].

Statement vs. Subtle

While some can rock a completely white outfit, other opt for a splash of cream. For those of you who dare to break the rules, rocking white on white [on white], can sometimes feel homogenous. Try mixing textures and patterns in order to keep the look fresh and add depth to your appearance. Textures can include, but aren’t limited to:  [faux] fur, chunky knits, leather, denim and silk/satin.

For a more subtle approach you can try smaller pieces that will still give you the winter white vibe. Almost every accessory can be swapped for a white/cream counterpart. Everyone loves bootie season, so try out some white booties for a change. You can also try a white bag (sounds scary, but don’t fear!) or try a cream colored jacket for a night out. 

Whether you’re rocking a completely white outfit or just some sweet accessories, you can make white after Labor Day work for you. Don’t be scared of spilling cranberry sauce on your fabulous outfit, rock that winter white! Remember white can be worn anywhere and everywhere from the classroom, to the gym, to a night out with friends. Don’t let traditions dictate how hot you’ll look this season. 

Sydney is a sophomore at Connecticut College studying biology. She is a member of the women's water polo team and is also involved with animal and civil rights groups on campus.
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