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How to Prepare for Spring Semester

1. Use planners/calendars

With new classes and professors, starting a new semester can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to successfully manage your time. Paper planners or agendas can be useful to carry around so you can jot down any important notes. Calendars will provide a visual idea of your commitments and available time so that you do not overbook.


2. Organize folders on electronic devices

It is important to clean out anything that will not be useful to you in spring semester. This means you can store electronic assignments in folders on your desktop, and also create folders for new classes.


3. Designate your notebooks

Make sure you have all materials that you will need for classes. Keep a folder or binder for each class so that your work from different classes will not get misplaced or shuffled together.


4. Rearrange/redecorate your dorm

A fresh semester means a fresh start. You can add new décor to your dorm room, or rearrange your furniture to get a new vibe for second semester. 


5. Create routines

Map out times in your class schedule when you can eat and workout. It is important to take care of yourself, and the best time to decide when to do these essential activities is when classes first begin. Once you start a routine, challenge yourself to carry it out the whole semester.  


6. Create a new music playlist

For those who enjoy listening to music while studying, or even those who listen to music when taking a study break, mix up your playlist with some new songs. Some fresh songs will hopefully help fuel your study sessions. 


7. Add new clothes to your wardrobe

Many people like to change up their appearance for the new year. Clothing can help you fashionably start off your new semester. Make sure to stock up on some comfortable sweaters for the cold winter months that commence with second semester.  


8. Set aside your phone

Phones can be distracting and may take time away from studying, and lead to procrastination. In order to avoid anything that distracts from studying in your new classes, set your phone aside and turn off any unnecessary notifications. Instagram and Snapchat can wait while you study your way to straight A’s. 


9. Have a study candy stash

It’s always nice to have something sweet while you’re studying. That’s why a candy stash is the perfect way to effectively study. Have a bag or jar filled with chocolates or gummies to help keep you focused and satisfied. 


10. Take time for yourself

Most importantly, you need to make sure you are mentally and physically healthy. This means you need to take study breaks and have a nutritious and balanced diet. Take some time to go for a walk on campus to clear your mind, or do some deep breathing exercises and meditation. This will help to eliminate stress, and most importantly, keep you happy. 


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