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With finals over and the holiday season fast approaching, here are some Her Campus approved,  fun and unique gift ideas from the website Etsy, which empowers individual people to become entrepreneurs and start their own shops!


For Mom: My mom and I are kind of the same person: we’re both always cold and have a huge obsession with scarves. So, each year we give each other a new scarf. Infinity scarves have been a trend for awhile, but my mom still doesn’t have one, so this year she will definitely find one under the Christmas Tree. For more scarf ideas, you can look at the Shopika shop here.


For Dad: There’s a running joke in my family that we can’t get together without quoting at least three different Seinfeld episodes in one sitting. Since my dad is the one that watches the classic “show about nothing” religiously (literally every day), this would be the perfect gift for him, and something my whole family would get a kick out of. If your dad isn’t a big Seinfeld fan but you like the funny ornament idea, you can check out the rest of Kustom Keepsake’s shop here.

For Brothers: If I had a brother, he would undoubtedly be a Red Sox fan, and instead of getting him any old World Series celebratory memorabilia, I would mix it up with this whimsical t-shirt from Row 8 and perhaps provide some inspiration. If your brother isn’t a Red Sox fan, but a Yankees fan instead, no worries. You can always try another cheeky shirt from the PantsDownShirts shop instead.


For Sisters: A really simple gift idea is a new phone case, but there are a lot of different possibilities on Etsy, like this mint-colored cat-themed one. (I am a cat lover and I am unashamed). For other quirky patterns, check out IdeaCase’s shop here.

For Him: If I did have a boyfriend, there are two things he would have to be in order for our relationship to work: a coffee addict (to help me support my own habit) and a fan of Arrested Development. If your boyfriend has a pension for either of these things, lo and behold, Perks of Aurora has the perfect gift for him: an Arrested Development coffee mug. To find mugs of other popular tv shows or pop-culture references, you can check out the Perks of Aurora shop here. If this isn’t your boyfriend’s style, you can always browse the Etsy “for him” shopping guide here.

For Her: Jewelry is often a staple gift given to girlfriends and while it is usually nice to receive nicer jewelry, depending on the seriousness of your relationship, it may be something you want to shy away from. You can stay within the jewelry theme, but consider something a little more whimsical like these book earrings. To look at more quirky jewelry ideas, check out Coryographies handmade shop here. Or, to look at more Etsy ideas, look at the For Her section here.


For a Friend: My friends are counting down the hours, anticipating the return of BBC’s Sherlock. Whether you plan on watching the premier together or separately, make it celebratory by gifting your friend with this Sherlock-inspired flask. For more pop cultural flasks, check out Android Sheep’s shop here.

For You: As a hardworking camel, you deserve to treat yourself after finishing up all your finals. After finals, it can be hard to turn back the clock on that coffee addiction. Still can’t get enough of those coffee mugs? Check out Gorgeous Glassware’s shop for more!


Before you place any order from Etsy, be sure to check the shop’s location, since Etsy sellers can be from all over the world, and each shop’s shipping policies so that your gifts will get here in time.


Happy shopping!

I'm a history major here at Conn and in addition to being a writer for Her Campus,  I am also a SISTER mentor, meaning that I do fun activities with local middle school girls twice a week! This semester I am applying to PICA, a certificate program in public policy and community action, and designing a project around how after-school programs can counteract inequalities within the public education system. In addition to being socially active, I love hanging out with my friends, being silly, reading books, and drinking tea! My current obsessions include: Passion Pit, the Wombats, Downton Abbey, and pretending to be a secret agent when watching Covert Affairs.
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