Her Campus Survival Kit Review: innisfree

They say that good things come in small packages. This is the epitome of the Her Campus survival kit this semester. College is stressful, which leads to breakouts and uneven skin tone, and the winter months can leave skin dry and irritated. But with the help of the innisfree product kit, the products can make your skin glow, and also boost your confidence through revolutionary, natural beauty innovations.

When observing the branding of innisfree products, the natural green tones pop out and exhibit the concept of all-natural and environmentally friendly, ultra-intensive, yet gentle skin care. The beauty products originate from Korea and focus upon the natural healing aspects of green tea, while fostering healthy beauty. 

The packaging of the innisfree products, which consists of a green tea real squeeze mask, intensive hydrating cream, hydrating eye cream, and hydrating serum, is simple and sophisticated. The directions and ingredients for each product are clearly labeled, and promote the natural benefits of the green tea seed, an essential component of the hydrating creams. Once again, the green colors used throughout the packaging of their products enhances the use of green tea leaves, and the company's devotion to natural and healthy beauty care.

The back of the packaging includes a brief story of Jeju Island’s fresh green tea, and the scientific processes the tea leaves undergo in order to create the finalized products. It is beneficial to know the origins of your skin care products, and to have knowledge about the ingredients that ultimately make the products effective.


The first product in the pack that I used was the “innisfree my real squeeze mask.” The face mask had the eyes and mouth cut out, and I found that when removing the mask from the package, it was thoroughly saturated with the hydrating ingredients. When I placed the mask on my face, there was an instant cooling and relaxing sensation. I discovered that the mask, while replenishing the face with intense hydration, has a light and sweet aroma that rejuvenates pores and allows for the skin to breathe freely. 

The next product from the innisfree kit that I sampled was the intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed. The fragrance was light and not overwhelming, leaving my skin with a pleasant and clean scent. The liberal amount of silky serum I applied to my skin quickly absorbed into my pores and left a glossy finish. 

Next, I used the intensive hydrating eye cream. This product provided a bright and shimmering effect to my eye area, and absorbed quickly with a cooling sensation. My skin felt supple, soft, and revitalized after applying the cream.

I then used the intensive hydrating cream with green tea seed. Yet again, the gel-like product had a cooling sensation and left a sweet, subtle scent on my skin. My skin not only felt rejuvenated, hydrated and healed, but it glistened with a dewy effect. Overall, after using the cream, my skin felt ultra-hydrated, smooth, and healthy. These results continued into the next morning when I woke up.  

Overall, my experience with the innisfree products was positive, and I plan to continue to use the products to keep my sensitive skin healthy, hydrated, and radiant. Through my personal experience, I believe that these natural products are perfect for sensitive skin, as they produce intense hydration in a light and gentle form. Although the kit appears small, the quantity of product included within the pouches proves to be just the right amount. While I enjoyed the green tea fragrance in this kit, I plan to explore some of the additional fragrances the company offers. After this beneficial sampling experience, I am looking forward to trying other innisfree products!