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Not going away for break, but still want the glitz and glamour of jet-setting? Have a staycation party! Create a theme and bring your favorite place home during your time off this winter. Check out these party themes for our dream destinations! 

Winter Wonderland: Throw this icy-hot fiesta as your chance to have P. Diddy’s White Party. 

  • Decorate: All White Everything is your theme, so embrace it! Use only your finest white table settings, flowers, and other accent pieces. Snowballs, snowflakes, and snowmen are must-have decorations. Candles, pine cones, and silver sparkles will heighten the ambiance as well! 
  • Eat: Prepare anything and everything, but try to have several warm dishes like hot chocolate or spicy Asian noodles. Powdered sugar delectables and meringues are your best friends for dessert.
  • Party: Guests should wear warm, faux fur items over party dresses (all white of course!). A “Make Your Own Snowflake” station should be set up where guests can add their own masterpieces to the existing décor.

Island Chic: Channel your inner St. Tropez celebrity by building a party off this effortless and crowd-pleasing theme.

  • Decorate: Hang leis, palm trees, and umbrellas throughout the room and adorn areas with breezy white cloths. Make table centerpieces with shells and sand.
  • Eat: Lots of fresh fruit and vegetable dishes as well as fresh seafood platters work well with this theme.
  • Party: Have guests dress in their flowy island chic. Relax and dance to an ocean breeze soundtrack! Make sure you don’t take too many trips to the Tiki bar!

Midnight in Paris: Craving a night filled with elegance and couture? Well, look no further than trés magnifique in Paris.

  • Decorate: This theme is very 1920s-esque so use any scene out of Midnight in Paris as inspiration. Use lots of black to decorate, and then let golds or pinks pop out of the darkness. Add balloons and Eiffel Tower pictures and statuettes everywhere. Any type of fresh white flowers will make a classy statement. For extra detail, place designer shopping bags around the room.
  • Eat: Paris has fabulous food. There are so many options to choose from and definitely serve baguettes and cheese, croissants, caramels, chocolates, macaroons, and crepes!
  • Party: Paris is known for its fashion! Be sure to have guests arrive in gorgeous dresses and suits. Along with The Great Gatsby soundtrack, make sure that “Zou Bisou Bisou” is on your playlist. Light dancing and lots of intimate conversation are on the list for the night.

Safari Sass: Forget about the cold with a hot escape by transforming your home into an African safari!

  • Decorate: Safari can go sophisticated or silly (and both make for a great gala!). For a sophisticated occasion use patterns and textures to revamp your venue. Fill areas with animal print table cloths, balloons, and other decorations. Use greens and browns as neutral accent colors to balance the patterns. For a silly safari add to the animal prints–put stuffed animal lions, zebras, elephants, monkeys, and giraffes all around and supply all guests with a safari hat. Decorate tables with grass and straw for a safari scene.
  • Eat: This theme lets you be creative with fun foods. Pair snacks with titles such as gummy worms with “Creepy Crawlies” or chips with “Tree Leaves.” You can’t go wrong with animal shaped entrées and desserts either.
  • Party: Tell guests to dress in their Sahara best whether it is a khaki number or full-blown animal face paint. Play pin-the-tail on an animal and walk around to enjoy the landscape!

Moroccan Madness: Maybe your version might not be as grandeur as a Real Housewives engagement party with mermaids by the pool and a camel to greet you, but you can still have a fun and fabulous party straight from the North African paradise! 

  • Decorate: This theme needs a luxurious atmosphere. Color, especially golds, reds, and purples, is your go-to for this theme. Drape sheets and other cloths on walls or ceilings to create a tent-like venue. Place pillows and small chairs around tables for comfy seating.  Hang lanterns and light candles to add finishing touches.
  • Eat: Moroccan eats include couscous, lamb, green tea with mint, and salads with traditional zaalouk and taktouka.
  • Party: Have guests dress formally in colorful, sparkly attire. Blasting Moroccan music with contemporary beats will for sure get a dance party started!  Give guests belly dancing costumes and henna.

Party on!

Julia is a senior who loves writing for Conn's Her Campus chapter! While she is studying economics and environmental studies, she is also interested in fashion and beauty. Her Campus has allowed Julia to incorporate these personal interests into her weekly schedule.
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