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Has “Gone Girl” Gone Too Far? SPOILER ALERT

Here’s a little food for thought regarding one of this year’s best movies: Gone Girl. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it (which hopefully you have) it is definitely worth your while. What seems to be a murder mystery is anything but, and from what I can tell, audience members love every moment right until the end where all of the puzzle pieces fall into place, more or less.


Gone Girl was one of the most talked about books all year. Intense buzz had readers waiting impatiently for the movie to be released this past October and when it finally arrived, critics raved passionately about its success. Movie version of books can often times ruin a great read. However, author Gillian Flynn and director David Fincher made sure not to miss a single detail making the movie an exact replica of the book. Its twisted plot with both Amy and Nick’s conniving secrets were unraveled left and right during the entire movie. Audience members who had read the book were granted a successful replay of the intense and mind boggling plot. On the other hand, those who went in without a clue were bound to be baffled by the distorted storyline and unfathomable marriage between Amy and Nick. 

As as the critics rave and the box offices prosper, one can’t resist but thinking, is Gone Girl really all that good? There is an electric feeling of satisfaction knowing Amy has been plotting against Nick the whole time. But come on, how many twists and turns does a murder mystery need for it to turn out to not even be a murder mystery!

Either way, it brings up the reality of marriage. It raises awareness about our judgments and make us think, do we really know our partner? Of course, this storyline is rather largely over exaggerated but at the same time, you can never underestimate the intelligence of a person. Morally, Amy and Nick are just a “tad” ambiguous. Neither is really innocent in the way they seem to be perceived by the audience. But at the same time, is Amy really the victim that she tragically depicts herself to be? Mind you, Nick isn’t Prince Charming either. Amy’s difficult childhood, her equally difficult relationship with her parents, and Nick’s affair do not add up to form an easy life but in reality, if we all plotted against those around us, we’d have an even more twisted world than we already have! 

Fast forward to the end and we have some even more confusing logic. Nick, despite knowing Amy’s confession and her troubled ways, is still lured in to raise this baby of theirs (if there even is one). 

All in all, major props to Amy, or shall we say Ms. Flynn, as together they conspired the perfectly abnormal and distorted story that had audience members nervous, shocked, baffled. Rinse and repeat. No detail in this game of Amy’s was neglected. Her strategy was artfully mastered and let’s just say it will be hard to top. 

Julie is a junior at Connecticut College from Montclair, New Jersey studying dance and psychology. She loves to share her passion for food with friends and family and has been on a life long quest to find the world's best slice of pizza. In her free time, Julie enjoys yoga and hopes to one day become a certified yoga instructor. 
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