Hannah Montana's Twitter Presence Hinting at Reboot?

It’s been ten years since we bid farewell to the beloved Disney show and character Hannah Montana, but now she’s back – and this time on Twitter. Hannah Montana has been tweeting at older and newer celebrities, Jake Ryan and Migos to name a few, and the Internet has been loving her presence. Fans have been sharing the nostalgia through social media too, making and posting their Rockstar ID's, which you can design at https://rockstargenerator.com/

Miley Cyrus has also interacted online with Hannah Montana, sharing a heartfelt letter to the character, in which she opens up about how playing Hannah Montana was a key part in her development and says that she “still loves [Hannah] 15 years later". 


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With Hannah Montana’s sudden Internet presence and Cyrus’ outspoken appreciation for the show, many fans are speculating that a reboot could be in the works. However, besides Hannah Montana and Cyrus’ social media activity, there aren’t any huge signs pointing towards a reboot of the show. So, this may just be a celebration of the shows 15th anniversary, but we’ll have to wait and see!