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FLAWLESS Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Most of us are a month in to school now and finally settled into our dorm rooms. With the little space we are given, we have to be creative! There are so many ways to add your personality and taste to your room. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make your own headboard: This might be more of a project for your next break, but a headboard can completely alter the look of your space and provide you with an elegant retreat at the end of the day or good back support to binge on Netflix, who are we kidding…
  • Throw Pillows: Some may say I have an obsession with pillows, but the more comfort the more at home my guests will feel. You can buy fabric and make your own or shop around at your local T.J. Maxx and piece together an assortment that perfectly resembles your taste.
  • Futon: This furniture piece is a functional and decorative way to add more comfort to your room. Nowadays, you can buy a smaller twin futon as seen in the photos for around $100. Not only does it add great seating for wine night, but also friends can crash. Plus, it doesn’t take up as much space as you’d think!
  • Texture: Don’t be afraid to add different textures. Consider a sheepskin throw, tasseled pillow, flowers in mason jars or silk-like curtains (which block light for those late mornings!)
  • Lighting: For little cost add ribbon and trim to the average lamp shade to transform a blank shade into a customized lighting component in your room. Get away from the overhead LED lighting that turns your room into sterile space and accentuate with lamps and the ever so cliché lanterns. (P.S. Christmas lights are overused.)
  • Inspiration: Decorate with quotes as they inspire you to work harder and enjoy the little things in life!  #blessed
  • Rugs: There is no better feeling than getting out of bed with a warm rug under your toes. However, rugs can be really expensive. You don’t have to buy the most beautiful to match your room, buy what you can afford and layer with decorative rugs i.e. runners, door mats etc.
  • Personality: The final and most important component to any room is personality. Stay away from the cluttered photo wall and buy an assortment of frames (Ikea has great prices) and display memorable moments in a geometric way. Have a favorite word or saying? Check out this example — Cut “FLAWLESS” out of scrapbook paper for 25 cents a sheet and scotch tape it to cover your white walls.

To transform your room, try a few of these tips. Your walls will truly come alive with a little color and crafty design! Happy designing ladies!

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