Everything Her Campus Conn Writers Have Been Loving This October

With it being such a stressful time of the semester, the Her Campus Conn writers decided to reflect on what sparked joy for us this October. Read on to learn about our monthly favorites, from food, to music, and more!

1. Soup

"Soup! Glorious soup! I finally have a kitchen on campus and have been fulfilling cooking fantasies all semester. October has been about cooking up soups to scarf down on a brisk day. I started simple with black bean tomato soup but have gradually grown more ambitious. A few weeks ago I made my first chicken stock ever, and never felt more grown-up in my life. The result was a delicious chicken soup that replenished my body right in time for midterms!" 

- Hanna '20

2. Oatmeal

Source: @healthy_eclair on Instagram

"More food. In particular, hot oatmeal. This past summer I dabbled with overnight oats in an attempt to combat the heat and humidity that pervades New England from June to August. Come October, I am only craving hot oatmeal, specifically mixed with ground cinnamon, chia seeds, agave nectar, chopped strawberries, and raspberries. This of course depends on the status of the fruit in my fridge, which often goes quicker than my motivation on a Friday night. Nonetheless, banana coins or chopped up apple slices are two other options when my life is devoid of delicious berries. I even splurged on Pumpkin Spice Sugar from the The Spice & Tea Exchange in Mystic, CT. I brave the decade old microwave in Knowlton, that probably hasn’t been cleaned since it was purchased, multiple times a week 一 the things I do for good food. There is nothing like a warm bowl of Bob’s Red Mill rolled oats to start off your week."

- Elizabeth '21

3. Fall Weather

Source: @conncollege on Instagram

"My favorite part about Fall on Conn’s campus is all the changing tree colors! Lately, whenever I have half an hour before class or a work shift, I’ve been taking a walk around campus instead of hiding away in the library. I’ve found that it’s a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful foliage of our campus. Plus, since the weather will turn colder soon, I’m trying to experience as much time outside as I can before it’s too cold to do so. "

- Sara '20

4. "Songs from a Broken Chair" by Noah Reid

"I’ll go in and out of phases where I listen to music constantly and then never open my spotify app for weeks on end. I’ve been trying to listen to music more this fall; one artist I’ve been enjoying is Noah Reid (aka Patrick on Schitt’s Creek). He plays acoustic, folk, singer-songwriter music, with many of his songs sounding melancholic. He has one album out, entitled “Songs From a Broken Chair,” and I’ll play that on shuffle to relax and focus myself as I’m doing homework. My most-played song of his would probably be False Alarms." 

-Samantha '21

What have you been obsessed with during the month of October? Let us know on Instagram.