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Easy DIY Fall Decorations

With autumn in full swing, it’s time to break out the sweaters and pumpkin pie, but first you have to make sure your dorm room matches the change of seasons. Impress your friends with some DIY fall decorations that are unique, affordable and easy to make.

Glitter Pumpkins– Nothing spices up a classic fall decoration quite like glitter can. You’ll need some white glue, a paintbrush and the prettiest glitter you can get your hands on. Spread a thin layer of glue all over the pumpkin and then sprinkle the glitter on top. If you want your glitter to make some cool patterns, use blue painter’s tape to make cutout designs. Make sure you lay out newspaper first though, or you’ll be finding glitter on your belongings indefinitely.

Monogrammed Pumpkins– Simple and easy, all you need is some fun paper and Mod Podge. Cut out your first initial on some craft paper (use a stencil if you want a more complex font) and then stick it onto your pumpkin using the Mod Podge. Put a final layer of the glue sealer over the monogram, let it dry and enjoy your new classy décor.

Yarn Pumpkins– For this homey and crafty look, get some yarn and a small gourd pumpkin. Tape one end of yarn to the pumpkin and begin steadily wrap the yarn around it until it’s completely covered, then switch yarn color and start wrapping the stem of the pumpkin. Try to get a gourd with a long and winding stem for the coolest effects with the yarn.

Leafy Mason Jars– With fall comes Halloween, and with Halloween comes candy. What better place to stash your Halloween goodies than in a fall-themed mason jar? Get out your Mod Podge and start pasting some dry leaves onto the outside of your mason jar. This design is usually used as a candleholder, but as candles aren’t allowed in our rooms, I say use them to hold your sweets so it can double as both storage and decoration.

Fall Leaf Garland– Leaves come in all shapes and sizes, which make them such a fun and unique decoration to have in your room, so go outside and collect the coolest leaves you can find. Once you have collected your leaves, take 4 pieces of twine and twist them together before pinning each end on your wall to make a thicker braided line for your garland. Now go along the line and evenly space out the leaves by sticking the stems through the twisted string. This rustic decoration is creative and so, so easy!

These are just a few of the decorations you can make for your dorm room this season. With some twine, leaves, and a few gourds, the possibilities are endless.

Anne Colletta is a senior at Connecticut College, she is majoring in Art History and is a candidate for a Museum Studies Certificate. She is from Long Island, and loves social media, boy bands, and antiquing on weekends.
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