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The Early 2000s Style Trends That Are Making a Comeback

From hair clips to low-rise jeans, there is no denying that the early 2000s have made a major comeback. All the beauty and fashion statements that stars such as Ashley Tisdale and Hillary Duff graced the red carpet with have reappeared in a big way. Being a 2000s kid myself, I am all for reliving the days when butterfly clips covered my head and Hannah Montana was the biggest fashion icon the world had ever seen. Here is a list of all the best (and worst) style trends that are making a comeback. 

Hair Clips (and any hair accessory for that matter)

You might want to go look in your room for the colorful butterfly clips you wore in your hair as a kid because they are back in style. All across social media, people are finding ways to reinvent 2000s hairstyles, and hair clips are a must. Whether it was clips, tinsel, or streaky highlights, hair was definitely the center of 2000s looks, and many have become inspired by these hair trends today.

Low-Rise Jeans, For Better or Worse

Love them or hate them, low-rise jeans have been a huge trend this past year. It is pretty much safe to say that most of us thought that we had moved on from those days and safely transitioned to high-rise jeans, but, as they say, 2020 was full of surprises. Low-rise jeans were a huge 2000s closet staple—the more bedazzled they were the better. Now they can be seen paired with a baby tee and a loose chain belt to complete the throwback look.

Sweatsuits That Would Make the Cheetah Girls Proud

Whether it was Paris Hilton or the Cheetah Girls, sweatsuits were all the rage, and the iconic trend is back and better than ever. The look is put together yet comfortable, which is why it became very popular this past year while people were working from home. Pair your sweatsuit with a headband and relive your childhood dream of being an honorary member of the Cheetah Girls.

Baguette Bags Have Taken Over

This might be one of the biggest trends that have made a comeback. Although they are not the most practical size-wise, baguette bags make up for it in their ability to complete a look. They have completely blown up this year, and the nostalgic trend does not seem to be leaving anytime soon. Personally, this is one of my favorite trends that the 2000s gave us. 

Chunky Flip-Flops and Kitten Heels

The early 2000s loved to pair anything with jeans, and chunky flip flops and small strappy heels were not exceptions. Chunky flip-flops and kitten heels probably tie for being the two most popular shoes throughout the 2000s. Both trends definitely have reappeared and seem to be big heading into the spring and summer season.

Lace Camis (the more colorful, the better)

Lace Camis have also made quite the statement this past year. Whether you layer it over a white tee or just on its own, this cute top definitely goes back to the prime Disney and Nickelodeon days. Especially with the warmer weather coming, this trend is a closet staple.

Two Words: Baby Tees

Baby tees were worn for every occasion in the early 2000s, even on the red carpet. Even better, this trend, along with many others, is easy to get on a budget at a thrift store. You might even have some old tees lying in the back of your closet from the early 2000s themselves. If you do, this is your sign to let them return to the spotlight.

Spiky Up-Dos to Make All Your Y2K Dreams Come True

This hairstyle can be hard to pull off and can be a hit or miss, but it certainly is worth a try. The style can be created with a claw clip or even multiple butterfly clips. This trend gives your outfit a fun boost and pays homage to the hairstyle that took over the early 2000s.

Trucker Hats Are Back

Lindsey Lohan was just one of many 2000s stars that made the trucker hat big. Although it is not loved by everyone, the trucker hat has found its way back into style. Specifically from the brand Von Dutch, which was a huge label throughout the early 2000s and has made quite a comeback. Think a regular baseball cap but elevated.

Little Sunglasses (for lack of better vocabulary)

To top off the 2000s style, little sunglasses are back and bigger than ever. This trend has become very popular and is the perfect way to add something extra to your outfit. Might as well block out the sun in style. Whether they have colored lenses or not, this accessory is certainly an ode to the Y2K days.

Sophie Zakin

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Sophie Zakin is a first-year at Conn from Providence, Rhode Island. She is currently undecided but excited to see where her journey at Conn will take her! She enjoys writing about fashion, lifestyle, and food. In her free time, she loves to travel, spend time outside, and try new restaurants with friends.
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