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DIY: Quick, Easy, and Heatless Headband Curls

Have you ever wished for perfect, effortless curls that don’t cause any damage to your hair? Headband curls almost seem too good to be true.  This is a hairstyle that takes less than 15 minutes the night before, and you wake up with beautiful curls that last the whole day.  If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, no worries! This hairstyle works best on second day hair, since your natural oils will give your curls an extra hold.  It also helps to apply a curl activating cream, and there is a range of different brands to try out.  A good quality inexpensive brand is Beyond the Zone Curling Creme available at Sally Beauty Stores.  

For this look, you will need:


Curl Activating Crème (optional)


Cotton headband (available at drugstores, Target etc.)

Dry Shampoo (optional)

Beaded Headband for the finished look (optional)


Take the cotton fabric headband and fold it half as depicted in the photo:

To start, make sure your hair is completely dry.  Brush your hair from root to tip to disperse your natural oils throughout your hair.  If it feels too oily at the roots, apply some dry shampoo.  Now take the folded headband and place it on your head in a bohemian style. 


Split your hair in two even sections, on each side of your head.  If needed, thoroughly apply a quarter-sized amount of curl activating cream to each section and brush it through. 

Take a one-inch section and wrap it around the headband.  Continue this step, adding more hair to the section each time you wrap your hair around the headband (similar to French braiding). 

When you are finished with both sides, combined the two ends and wrap the tail around the headband continuously until it is all wrapped up.  Now, apply some hair spray, and go to sleep!

Wake up! Don’t worry if it looks crazy and matted after sleeping.  Remove the headband, and gently shake it until the hair is released.  Don’t worry if it looks like a hot tangled mess.  Take a hairbrush and gently brush through the curls.  Use your fingers to reshape them, and apply some more hairspray to finish the look.

These curls look great with a cute beaded headband, up in a high ponytail, or just naturally by themselves. Anthropologie, Francesca’s and Nordstrom are just a few places where you can find some adorable headbands to complete your look.  

Enjoy your curls! 

Emily Morgan is a junior at Connecticut College.  She is studying international relations and loves to write for HerCampus.  She can be found either playing viola in the orchestra or dancing in the dance studio.  
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