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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.

Sometimes being on campus can get a little tiring, and you just need a few hours to yourself or to get away with a friend. Luckily, Spring has officially sprung, and there are some spots that are more enjoyable to stop by while it is nice out. Here are our top five choices of places to take a study break and treat yourself to enjoying the nice weather while it’s here! 

1. Captain Scott’s

If you haven’t been yet, then you are missing out. Everyone knows about Captain Scott’s famous lobster rolls! This casual dining is the perfect place to head out with friends for a nice outdoor, scenic meal.

2. Rocky Neck

Stressed about finals coming? Need a break from writing that ten page paper? Head to Rocky Neck! It is a beautiful state park right near Conn as well as a perfect escape from all that work you have to do.

3. Stonington

Explore a town near by. Head to Stonington and walk the streets with your friends. While walking you’ll pass by some beautiful little stores and maybe find something perfect to pick up for Mother’s Day coming up.

4. Mamacoke Island

Perfect for clearing your head if your dealing with finals stress or if you just need some time to yourself. This destination does not call for a ride. Just walk right over to the arboretum near the AC and find your trail. 


5. NV Bakery & Market

Craving a fresh juice or smoothie? Head to NV Cafe and Market to get a delicious smoothie, crepe, fresh juice, or filling sandwich. 


Happy Spring Camels! 

Sophie Furman is a current senior at Conn Coll majoring in Sociology and interested in the fashion industry. 
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