Comfy to Class-Ready

We all do it, wear sweatpants or joggers and oversized crewnecks to class. I love being comfortable more than anyone but I also know that professors aren’t a big fan of the "just got out of bed" look. Here are five easy ways to go from comfy to class ready with just a few simple changes.

Style Your Hair the Night Before

I have to admit I almost never do this. However, the girls that did this in high school always looked as though they had been up for hours curling their hair. Right before bed, put in rollers or tightly curl your hair without hairspray. When you wake up, simply comb out the frizzy patches, add a little dry shampoo for some volume or texture, and finish it off with hairspray. In just ten minutes, your curls will look effortless and your professor might even believe you are a morning person. 


It’s no secret that I am extremely pale and cannot tan naturally. My best-kept secret for a no-makeup day is to self-tan my face and neck. The bronzed glow hides my imperfections, evens out my skin tone, and blurs out any dark circles I might have in the morning. By skipping the foundation or BB cream, I can save an extra fifteen minutes before class. Be careful when choosing a brand of self-tanner because many are tough on sensitive skin and may cause you to break out. My favorite option for the face is the Invisi Foaming Tan Water by Vita Liberata which you can find here


Jeggings are the perfect staple for everyone’s wardrobe. They slip on like leggings, are soft on the inside like leggings, but look like the perfect pair of jeans. Style with a button-down, a t-shirt, or even an oversized sweater and some ankle boots. I find that the best way to buy jeggings is to try them on in a store. Depending on the brand, they very in the stretch, length, and overall fit, just like regular jeans. My go-to pair right now are the NE(X)T Level Highest Waist Jegging from American Eagle found here


I would replace all of my tops with bodysuits if I could. The perks of bodysuits are endless. They always look perfectly tucked in, are easy to layer with a jean jacket or blazer, and come in a variety of fabrics, necklines, and sleeve lengths. Take any outfit from day to night or from casual to class ready by switching out your bottoms or outerwear. My top choice in bodysuits right now are the sleeveless mock neck styles. A great option is this one from Forever 21. 


Athleisure is an obvious choice when it comes to class-ready outfits. Leggings, warm-up jackets, and bright colored sneakers are comfortable, stylish and practical. Although athleisure is categorized as basic gym clothes, items like leggings or running shorts are easily a step up from sweats. I tend to mix and match my athleisure with bright patterned bottoms and a solid top, or vice versa; that way I am not wearing solid black every day. My ride or die pair of leggings are the UPF 50+ Luxletic 24” Weekender High Rise Midi Leggings from Lilly Pulitzer linked here. Personally, I sized down from a medium to a small in these. 

If you try any of these hacks or have ones that we missed, comment below and find us on our social media pages!