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Hc Black Friday Gift Guide
Rebecca Hoskins / Her Campus Media
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.

For years I have walked past what I deemed as a mysteriously large football collecting dust in my garage. I never gave much thought to it, or rugby as a sport in general. When I heard that two of my close friends had signed up for Club Rugby, my mind flashed back to that old ball. I took it as an omen and decided to give Club Rugby (or what I like to call Clugby) a try. What I found was a sport in which I am mediocre at best, but what’s more, I found a team. 

For all my life–that I can remember–I have competed in team sports. I never considered myself particularly athletic or the “star” of the team. I did, however, consider myself a team player. The satisfaction of successfully completing a team play is incomparable. My favorite parts of game day usually took place on the bus to and from games—the times I spent braiding my teammates hair, offering advice to those younger than me, and creating outrageous nicknames for eachother. The bonds I have made on teams are irreplaceable. 

Much of my free time last year was spent feeling guilty that I wasn’t doing something productive. I think this feeling of a school work cloud looming over us is universally experienced. The feeling that there is always more studying to be done or more reading to do. To have something to go to that isn’t a class or the library has been so beneficial. Being a part of a team is a lesson in itself. Teamwork is something embedded in our society from the time we reach nursery school. The ability to work well in a group dynamic is a crucial part of success. 

If friendship and bonding isn’t enough to get you to join a team, perhaps staying active is! Exercise releases endorphins which raises your health and well being! Endorphins, in addition to dopamine and other mood boosting chemicals, are neurotransmitters that make you happier! 

Our team is diverse in class years, interests, majors, pathways, etcetera. I am confident that I wouldn’t have met many of the lovely women on the team had it not been for this opportunity. I encourage everyone to seize the day, try out something new, and  meet new people! I extend a gracious thank you to those who have listened to me blab about rugby, the captains for showing us newbies the way, and the team itself! I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish this year. Afterall, there is no “I” in “team”. 

Hannah Zevon

Conn Coll '24