Campus Profile: Maeve Hickey

Meet Maeve Hickey, Biological Sciences major and a scholar in the CISLA certificate program! In addition to classes, Maeve's multiple passions are clear through her on campus activities and involvement including Best Buddies, MEDLIFE and CCEMS.  Read on to find out what her plans are after graduation.

Class Year: 2017

Hometown: Marlborough CT

Major: Biological Sciences- Cell & Molecular

Certificate Program: Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts (CISLA)

As a graduating Senior, what advice would you give to underclassmen?

Do a few things that you're passionate about so that you can enjoy them thoroughly and be an effective leader without stretching too thin.  I joined many clubs and took on leadership positions that I enjoyed, but at times there was a lot going on in my life!  I also recommend getting involved in both the New London and Conn community.  My work as an EMT and night shifts with the paramedics off campus have been my inspiration during the tough road of a premed student.  There are so many opportunities if you reach out to the New London-Groton area and ask to volunteer with an organization.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I will be working with True North as a Wilderness Therapy Guide leading groups of kids on treks in Vermont to teach survival and first aid skills.  I am also going to be at Hartford Hospital as a patient care associate and EMT.  Hopefully I will be interviewing for med school in the fall, too! 

Extracurricular activities:

President of MEDLIFE & Best Buddies, Vice President of CCEMS, Safety Net member, Safe Futures Assistant, Paramedic driver/EMT

In your work on the Executive Board for Best Buddies:

What has been your proudest achievement?

Best Buddies was struggling as a club my freshman year so my friend Molly and I took on the difficulty of reviving it.  We were able to welcome new persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) from the community and pair up more students in one-to-one friendships.  As the President I implemented events spreading awareness on campus, like our Spread the Word campaign and increased the involvement of our buddies.  Improving the club while hanging out with my best buds has been one of the most rewarding parts of college. 

Which event has been your favorite?

I love all of our events because I get to hang out with my friends with IDD who are underrepresented and underserved at Conn.  (check out where the elevators/ramps are on campus and the fact that sign language is not taught) I also appreciate any event we hold that brings diversity to campus.  We are a verbal society and often those that sign or use music to communicate are isolated.  Last year we welcomed an American Sign Language professor who taught us the intricacies of hand movements and "sign-yelled" at us when we spoke in class! I realized that by talking in class, we were excluding our professor from social interaction. Brittany Maier, who has autism and was born blind, came this past March to show off her piano skills which proved that just because someone has a disability, it does not mean they cannot be successful and productive members of society.   

Any events coming up?

Special Athlete’s Day on April 23rd 12-3pm at the AC!  We are having a mini Special Olympics with our buddies with lunch provided.  If interested in attending or volunteering, fill out this form: