Campus Profile: Julia Horowitz

Meet this week's campus profile, Julia Horowitz! This funny camel is super involved in SGA here at Conn, and is assuming the role of SGA president next year! Read on to learn more about Julia, her study abroad experience, her time on SGA, and her most recent embarassing camel moment!

Class Year: 2018

Hometown: I'm from Warren, New Jersey and can talk about "the shore" for a while.

Major: History (I am most likely writing an honor's thesis. Maybe.)

Minor: International Politics

What kind of extracurriculars are you involved with on campus?

Since my first year I have been a member of N2O, Conn's short form improv group on campus and I am really into that. Also I have doing WE for two years and totally plan to do the show my senior year. And of course, SGA. 

As the incoming SGA president for next year, would you like to share anything about your experience on SGA and what you're looking forward to in your new position?

My first year, I ran for house senator of my dorm. It was on a whim, I was so excited and then I lost. It was crushing but I became a student at large on the PR committee which encouraged me to run for Chief of Communications my sophomore year. Last year was really challenging and formative in a lot of ways, and I learned how to and how not to work within SGA. I am really looking forward to working with the board next year, I think everyone brings an unique enthusiasm to their position and I am so ready to push the nose to the grindstone. 

Did you go abroad? if so, where? did you like it? anything else you want to share about it?​

Yes! I lived in Bath, England last semester and it was the best. Bath is a smaller city, about 100,000 people and so it was easy to feel incredibly comfortable there and it did feel like my home. Through my program, I had an internship during the semester at the Roman Baths. Every week I was surrounded by ruins and artifacts from the Roman occupation of Britain during the 1st century and every week it blew my mind. I could go on for awhile, so I am gonna stop myself there. 

Any summer plans? internship? traveling?

This summer I will be in New York City doing research with Professor Downs. We got a ConnSSHARP grant and I will be doing archival research for his next book on medical history. So if you're in NYC let me know!

Do you have a favorite movie or book?

My favorite movie is It's Such a Beautiful DayIt is stunning and makes me sad, I love it. Late to the game, but I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Oh it was so good, I am always reading and love a good mystery so if you have any suggestions lmk. 

Lastly, any embarrassing camel moments you would like to share?

I embarrass myself at Conn on a daily basis. A "good" one happened earlier this semester. I was sitting on top of the couch on the first floor of Shain. Like it was kind of precarious but I was balancing and talking to a friend. Another friend walked up and nudged me, a friendly push. Immediately, I lost my balance and accepted my fate. I fell and flipped, legs over head, backwards over the couch and just ended up on the floor. It was such an unnecessary scene.