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Campus Cuties: Jess Wright, Jesse Kannam, and Janan Shouhayib

This week’s Campus Cuties are the amazing women of Oceana: Jesse Kannam, Jess Wright, and Janan Shouhayib! These seniors are on the executive board for Connecticut College Oceana, a collegiate chapter of the International Ocean Conservation Organization. After working at prestigious internship programs this summer, these women are ready to tackle senior year and go out with a bang! But first, let’s learn about their favorite ocean animals.

Class Year: 2016


Janan: Washington D.C.

Jess: Sudbury, Mass.

Jesse: Wellesley, Mass.



Janan: Psychology.

Jess: Biological Sciences with a focus in Ecology.

Jesse: American Studies.


Minors or Certificate Programs:

Janan: English and Global Islamic Studies.

Jess: Goodwin-Niering Scholar and Environmental Studies Minor.

Jesse: PICA Scholar.


Extracurricular activities:

Janan: I’m PR rep for Oceana and the co-president of Active Minds, as well as the president for Psi Chi.

Jess: I’m the co-president of Oceana and the treasurer of Cakes for Care.

Jesse: I’m also the co-president of Oceana and a co-pitch for Miss Conduct.


Celeb Crush:

Jessica: Ashton Kutcher

Jesse: Julian Morris

Janan: George Clooney-Alamuddin


Relationship status:

Loud unanimous: LOL


Describe your ideal date:

Jesse: Stargazing on the beach.

Jess: With a picnic!


Favorite nature documentary?

Janan: Cosmos

Jess: Oceans

Jesse: Planet Earth


What type of whale most resembles your personality?

Jess: Definitely a Blue Whale.

Jesse: Orca.

Janan: I’m a Narwhal.

Jesse: You’re more of a Beluga.

Janan: No, I want to be a Narwhal, stop smothering me.


Jaws or Sharknado?

Janan: Sharknado

Jess: Jaws!

Jesse: I haven’t seen either, I’m afraid of sharks.

Janan: Sharks are friends!


What are your favorite sea animals?

Jesse: Killer whale.

Jess: Mine’s a type of sea slug, wait I can’t remember what it’s called (pulls out phone to Google it).

Janan: Jellyfish are very elegant, even though one stung me once.

Jess: Oh, mine is called a sea bunny! So cute.


You’re stranded on an island, what 3 objects would you bring with you?

Jesse: I’d bring some form of music.

Janan: A book called Orientalism, a map of the world…

Jess: A desalinator, soylent, and Moby Dick. I never get sick of that book.

Jesse: I’d probably also bring some of my favorite food.

Janan: Figs! Figs. I’d bring figs.

Jess: I’d bring these three beautiful people (interviewer included).

Janan: Nah, I’d still bring figs.


Favorite class you’ve taken at Conn?

Janan: Politics and Ideology in Literature about the Middle East

Jess: Humans and Other Animals in 19th Century American Literature

Jesse: Globalization of Urban Poverty


What events are you excited for this year?

Jesse: I’m always excited for the Polar Plunge.

Janan: I’d like to plan a follow-up event to the environmental racism panel we held last year with some of the other environmental clubs on campus.

Jess: We’re also trying to plan a big event at Ocean Beach with some local bands, so that should be cool.


What is one thing you have not checked off your Conn bucket list?

Jesse: I kinda want to find a way to camp in the library for the night.

Jess: I want to camp out on Mamacoke Island.

Janan: I’ve already done everything :/

Jesse: That’s sad.


How long can you hold your breath? Winner is the best pretend mermaid. GO!

Janan holds her breath for 59 seconds. She is the victor. Jess and Jesse collapse in exhaustion.


How do you feel about being Campus Cuties?

Jesse: I’m honored to be chosen alongside these amazing ladies.

Janan: I’d rather have done this alone, actually.


Where did you guys meet, anyways?

Janan: I met them at Oceana!

Jess: I distinctly remember painting my nails with Jesse after our first round of class registration during freshman year.

Jesse: Oh, you were there?

Jess: Cool.


Follow these powerful women on Instagram at @conncolloceana and on their Facebook page Conn Coll Oceana for pretty pictures of sealife!

Anne Colletta is a senior at Connecticut College, she is majoring in Art History and is a candidate for a Museum Studies Certificate. She is from Long Island, and loves social media, boy bands, and antiquing on weekends.
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