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Campus Cutie: Megan Murray

Love your dog? Mesmerized by beluga whales? Appreciate the technicality in rowing? If “yes” was your answer to these questions, then you need to talk to this week’s Campus Cutie: Megan Murray. This ray of sunshine is an Environmental Studies major and Psychology minor who had an awesome summer interning on the whale watches for The New England Aquarium. While she might not have any special talents, she does have a pretty cool and eclectic party playlist featuring JBiebs, an RAC remix, and T-Pain. Read on to learn more about Megan. Maybe you can split a chai tea latte with espresso and peanut butter with her one day!

Class Year: 2017

Hometown: Needham, MA

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Psychology

Extracurricular activities: Rowing, I should go to Sprout and Oceana a lot more often than I do…

Celeb crush: Miles Teller.

Relationship status: Single

What qualities do you look for in a significant other?

I think having a good sense of humor is probably the best quality. Someone who is adventurous and kind would be cool too. 

Spirit animal: People tell me my spirit animal is a goat quite often…and I don’t hate that.

Party anthem: My partying music is eclectic. If we were going for a more chill party night I would say: “Say My Name” by Odesza (RAC remix) Oh also “Sorry” by Justin Bieber (the one hour loop). T-Pain, T.I., Akon and Sean Kingston somehow always make a throwback appearance. 

Go-to dance move: I’d say Drake’s moves in his “Hotline Bling” video sums it up pretty well…

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I have a dog named Piper. She’s everything.

What are you watching on Netflix?

Ugh honestly I’m not a fan of Netflix I’m the worst.

Any special talents?

I wish.

Favorite place on campus: I spend a lot of time in the Walk-in Coffee Closet. New London hall is very much underrated too.

You represent the Camels on the Women’s Rowing Team. What’s your favorite part about rowing?

First, I like the people it attracts. Rowers tend to be extremely hard working and slightly insane. I like rowing because of how complex and technical it is. Every motion has to be done correctly and at the right time. If you’re not in sync with the other rowers in the boat, then you’re probably messing everything up. It’s an art really.

Who is your favorite athlete?

I don’t really have one. Tom Brady? I’m a Pats fan.  

We heard you had an amazing summer. Can you tell us about your experience? #whalebreaching

I DID! I spent my summer interning on the whale watches for The New England Aquarium. A lot of my time on the trip was spent educating passengers on the marine mammals, their behaviors, differences amongst species and all the environmental factors impacting them. When we got to the bank I had a couple of data sheets to fill out, which logged the whales behaviors, their location, if they were eating, how they interacted with one another, etc. We also saw a bunch of seals and sharks; whales are cooler. Fun fact: to mimic an adult humpback whales caloric intake in Oreos, they would have to eat 17 Oreos every minute for 24 hours.

Mystic Aquarium or Mamacoke Island? 

Does Mamacoke have belugas? I didn’t think so…

Toll House Cookie Pie or Sunday Sundae?

Ice cream is my biggest weakness so I have to say Sunday Sundae.

Mozz sticks or Cro pizza?

Mozz sticks, but when they have macaroni bites…

Do you have a favorite class or professor taken at Conn? 

It’s really hard to pick a single course or professor. My courses with Manuel Lizarralde have always been fascinating, mostly because he’s so interesting. 

Do you have an embarrassing Camel moment?

No joke I walked into a tree shortly after reading the questionnaire for Campus Cutie actually. No one saw me do it; it probably would have been less embarrassing if someone had.

How do you feel about being Campus Cutie?

Blessed. Thank you!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Technically, I have a tattoo on my eye, but you can’t see it. I’m also addicted to chai tea lattes with espresso and peanut butter, lots and lots of peanut butter. 

Julia is a senior who loves writing for Conn's Her Campus chapter! While she is studying economics and environmental studies, she is also interested in fashion and beauty. Her Campus has allowed Julia to incorporate these personal interests into her weekly schedule.
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