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Campus Cutie: Daniel Gutierrez

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.

Meet Daniel: he is a nice and energetic guy with a captivating smile, an identical twin brother, and a love for Breaking Bad. Learn more here!

Class Year: 2014
Transferred from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to Conn Sophomore year. UNC at Chapel Hill was a beautiful campus but it felt too big because I went to a small high school. I never visited Conn before I transferred. 
Major: Biological Chemistry, Molecular Biology aka BCMB
Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Color: Green, but I do like red.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I rock climb a lot when I am home.  I really enjoyed Breaking Bad but that is now over. I play video games once in awhile. Unfortunately I am very busy with my classes.

If you had one wish, what would it be? I wish I was 21 at this point because my birthday isn’t till December during finals.

What are some life goals of yours? To learn Spanish, go to med school, become a better climber; go skydiving and I really want to teach English in Columbia before med school.

Favorite Food? That’s so hard to choose because my mom is a great cook.

Celebrity Crush? Anna Kendrick

Can you do the “Cups” song? Almost, I try too.

Guilty Pleasure? Chocolate Ice Cream

Describe your perfect date: It would have to be activity based, first go to the beach and if that goes well, then maybe dinner and a movie.

How do you feel about being campus cutie? It was interesting because I had no idea about it or what it really was. I am very excited and honored.

Can you tell us an interesting fact? I have an identical twin brother.

Do you have any secret talents? I can juggle and almost put my leg behind my head. 

I like having fun and being active.
I am a junior and a Campus Correspondent for Connecticut College! I am majoring in American Studies and a PICA scholar. I was a High School Ambassador for HerCampus in 2010-2011 and a contibuting writer 2011-2012. I love writing, editing, and social media. This fall, I am a Student Coordinator for the Women's Center, a photographer for College Relations, and am also a member of SafetyNet. When I'm not writing, I love being outside and enjoy many many different types of music. I also enjoy shopping at the Container Store, sharpie markers, thunderstorms, onesies, Gilmore Girls, The Newsroom, New Girl, 60 Minutes, and The West Wing.