Campus Cutie: Chelsea Preston

As a junior on  the Women's Soccer team, CAT (Center for Arts and Technology) scholar, and intern in College Relations, this week's Campus Cutie does it all!  Get to know Chelsea as she tells us about her past few years at Connecticut College as well as her unique plans for the future.  Her Campus fell in love with this redhead cutie and so will you!


Class year: 2016

Hometown: Lake Placid, NY
Major: Art
Minor: Psychology
Extracurricular activities: Women's Soccer Team, layout for The Look magazine,  graphic design inten in the Office of College Relations on campus 
Who is your celebrity crush? I'd have to go with John Krasinski (Jim man)
Tell us about your ideal date! I've been on some amazing dates lately (my boyfriend is pretty great). I would have to say the best ones usually include being on a beach with some good food and wine! 
What is your favorite TV show? My favorite show would have to be The Office, although I used to be a pretty big Friday Night Lights fan.
Do you have a spirit animal? I've never thought of what my spirit animal would be...I'll go with a fox since that's what my friends said (because I'm a redhead).
Guilty pleasures? I really like watching crime shows. I could watch them all day (I think I did once when I was sick). It sounds creepy and my friends think I'm weird, but I find them really interesting. 
What would you consider to be your party anthem? Long Shot (Cash Cash x Clean Bandit x The Chainsmokers). We played this song in the locker room before every game - it's kind of a good luck charm now.
What is your favorite item in your closet? I have a trunk full of cozy sweaters that I wear all winter long. You can never have enough sweaters.
What's your go-to meal with your Cro pass? A whole pepperoni pizza with curly fries. Gotta take advantage of the Cro pass! 
Congratulations on wining the NESCAC Women's Soccer Championship and advancing to the NCAA tournament! What is your favorite part about being on the team?
 It's more like parts - my teammates are the ones who make being on this team worth it all. Not only are they amazing athletes, they are also amazing people and friends who are always looking for a good laugh. I coulnd't imagine any other group of girls to share such a historical season with. 
We hear you are a member of CAT. How did you decide to pursue this certificate? How do you plan to use this certificate in your academic and professional life?
 I decided to join CAT (Center for Arts and Technology) because I have always been interested in art, but more specifically graphic design. I wanted to learn more about the technological aspect of art and the different ways technology can change our perception of what art is. After college I am hoping to work in a creative/design field at an advertising agency or company. The CAT certificate program has already introduced me to new ways of thinking about art, so I hope it will help me to get my dream job! 
How do you feel about being campus cutie?
I'm honored!