Campus Cutie: Alexandra Friedman

Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Alexandra Friedman! This fierce senior is a Social Chair on Class Council, a member of the Museum Studies Certificate Program, and Britney Spears’ biggest fan! Read on to find out this senior’s advice for incoming freshmen, plans for after graduation, and obscure spirit animal!


Class Year:  2015

Hometown:  Bedford, NY

Majors: Art History and French. I am also in the Museum Studies Certificate Program.

Extracurricular Activities: Social Chair on Class Council, Art History SAB, French SAB, Ski Club, I retired from the crew team this Fall, and somehow, I ended up playing intramural soccer this Spring!

Favorite song?Currently, it’s “Hey Mami,” by Sylvan Esso. Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album is timeless for me!

We hear you have some fun nicknames, care to share any?So many! I’ll start with the more popular names: Sasha, Sloan, Friedman, Friedles, Frieda, Zange… I could keep going.

Celebrity Crush?Miles Teller!

Spirit animal?We’re going out of the box here… a phoenix.

Favorite movie to watch on a road trip?Almost Famous.

What are your fav jams from middle school?Lucky by Britney Spears!

Best Ski Club experience?A few years ago, we had about 20 alums come for alumni weekend, resulting in the most crowded weekend we’ve ever had. Late one night, everyone was standing around in the kitchen and one person started banging some pots and pans and stomping on the floor. Soon, we all joined in and created our own rendition of STOMP. It was amazing.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I don’t get embarrassed too easily, but earlier this year, I walked into a door, and started to laugh about it with the girl sitting and watching me. As I was laughing with her, I continued to walk…right into a wall.

What's your favorite part about being on Class Council?I love being in tune with our class and creating events that the whole grade will enjoy. In the fall, the four of us pulled off a Mystical Masquerade in Gallows (the old science building)! We had face painters, a magician, and fortune tellers to take it to the next level!

What was your favorite senior year event?A hard one… I’m going with Senior Dinner. One can really underestimate how fun it is to get dressed up and go to Harris to be served by sophomores!

What were some of your favorite aspects of Conn/what are you going to miss most?While some may not agree, I picked Conn because it is a relatively small school! I love walking from my dorm across campus, and passing 15 people, at least 5 of which I know and have a chance to meet and get to know the other 10! City living is sometimes a bit too anonymous for me.

What advice would you give incoming freshmen?Do something you normally wouldn’t! Try a new club, try a club with an activity you know you can do! Meet people – it’ll make your days at Conn and beyond more enjoyable and less forgettable!

What are your plans for the summer / after graduation?I recently took a temporary position at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn, NY. It’s a non-profit artist residency program, I’m excited to get started!

How do you feel about being Campus Cutie?I am so flattered and excited! Thank you!!