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Campus Celebrity: Taylor Gould

Taylor Gould, a junior here is this week’s Campus Celebrity because of his involvement on campus.  Gould, who just won SGA President for the 2012-2013 year has big plans for Connecticut College.  Taylor will make a great President because of his good attitude and his approachable nature, not to mention he is hilarious. Congrats, Taylor!

Hometown: New Canaan, CT
Major: Government. Economics Minor
Dorm/Apt: KB

So you just won SGA President for next year. How does it feel?
It feels pretty exciting, I’ve been involved in SGA since my freshman year its nice to see that the work that you put into something pay off. I have learned a lot over the past three years from all aspects of our campus and Im looking forward to putting that knowledge to use. Id’ also like to add a big thank you to all of my friends who have put up with my sometimes frustrating ramblings about SGA as well as a thanks to past SGA leaders who have taught me so much.

Do you have any big plans for SGA?
Yes, in my platform I said that I wanted to revitalize SGA and show students that we matter and deal with real issues on our campus–it is going to be a big PR and marketing year. I think a lot of students don’t really know what SGA is or what we do, and because of that don’t really have an interest in our elections or in our discussions, changing that will make a world of difference. The list goes on, but I dont want to share them all at once–I look forward to sending out SGA’s goals for the year to the campus community. If you have anything you would like us to address, please call me 860-717-0742 or email us at sga@conncoll.edu.
What is your favorite class? Who is your favorite professor?
My favorite class so far was my International Political Economy class taught by Professor Tian in the Government department. My favorite professors are Tian and Borer, they are both so knowledgeable and passionate about the classes they teach and truly make it fun to be in the classroom.
What is your favorite meal at Harris?
The daily special at the deli, hands down.
If you could meet anyone from history who would it be?
That’s a hard one…. I think the Wright brothers are two amazing men, I am sure they would have plenty to teach about perseverance. Also, even though he recently passed away, I would have loved to meet Steve Jobs, despite his sometimes demeaning personality and leadership techniques, he was a visionary who challenged the status quo.
Are you excited for Floralia?
Of course, its always fun to be outside listening to music with friends and all the many alums who come back for the day.

Katherine is a senior at Connecticut College majoring in European history and minoring in film studies. She spent her last semester abroad in Rome and loved it, and then interned this summer at Marie Claire magazine in New York City. Katherine is very excited to be joining the Her Campus team!
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