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Campus Celebrity: Sarah Huckins


Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity! She is a varsity athlete, Chair of Environmental Affairs on the Student Government Association, Independent Living Coordinator for ResLife and has a passion for cheese and stamps. Everyone who nominated her said she is an amazing friend, has a huge heart, and is an overall great person! We are delighted to introduce Sarah Huckins, Class of 2014 as this week’s Campus Celebrity!  


What is your major and minor?  

My major is International Relations (IR) and I have a double minor in Botany and Arabic.  

You are the Captain for Cross-Country, what can you say about your team?

Being a cross-country captain has been a new experience for me, but I love it!  It was great to meet the new runners on the team.  We made it to Pre-Nationals this fall season, which was very exciting! On a teammate level, we have developed a strong foundation with the new freshmen and other incoming athletes.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in the sport?

My greatest accomplishment as a cross country runner has been the completion of my goal to run a 6k faster than my slowest 5k. I am happy with my own personal achievement that has occurred over the past four years, and the team as a whole has substantially improved over the four years as well!

What other things do you do on campus?

Just a few to name: I really enjoy being on SGA, I am the Independent Living Coordinator for ResLife, and I work at coffee grounds.

This year you are the Chair of Environmental Affairs for SGA, can you describe your role?

As Chair of Environmental Affairs, my position is to be a resource for students who are pursuing environmental initiatives and to act as a voice for the student body about environmentalism. Environmentalism and sustainability are different aspects of the same sphere. My goal is to better articulate how environmentalism fits in sustainability.  

When did you become interested in environmental issues and bringing a voice about environmental issues to SGA?

I became interested in the position of Environmental Chair because I wanted to promote student environmental initiatives and provide a strong voice to insure the cohesiveness between the students and the college. The great thing about SGA is the connection between the students and the administration.

You’re favorite things that Mother Nature gives you?

I thank Mother Nature for the food products that are created.  My favorite foods are the meats and cheeses that the kind pigs and cows provide for us.  You can still be an environmentalist and not be a vegan.  

Do you have a nickname?


What is your favorite way to relax?

Eating specialty cheeses with my awesome roommate Julia Byrne

What is your favorite thing about Connecticut College?

The people! I have met so many interesting and intellectual individuals that define Connecticut College.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.  

I love the United States Postal Service (USPS). I collect stamps and post cards! I am your girl if you want to talk about stamps and anything postal.

Any plans after college?

Not really. But my greatest aspiration after college is to be the Post Master General of the United States.

How does it feel to be nominated as Campus Celebrity?

I am completely flattered!  At first, I thought it was a joke, but I am blushing and greatly honored that I was nominated for this!


I like having fun and being active.
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