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Campus Celebrity: Norah Hannel


We are excited to announce this week’s Campus Celebrity: Norah Hannel!  She is one of the lovliest human beings you’ll ever meet and it is hard to not become quick friends with her.  Norah's life has been incredibly exciting the past several months and we were eager to learn more about.  Read on to learn how she scored an internship in Paris and more about her life on campus!

So, we know that you went to Paris for study abroad and then stayed there for your summer internship. Could you tell us more about how you got your internship and what you were doing? 
Of course! I was working at Longchamp in the “Formation” department, which focuses on standards of marketing psychology in their boutiques worldwide. In May, I had gone out for coffee with a Conn/CISLA alum, Effie, who currently works for Longchamp Paris and who was sweet enough to offer me a position by her side.
What is your major(s) and minor if you have one? 
My majors are philosophy and French and my minor is psychology. 
What sorts of things are you involved with on campus? 
I am the Housefellow of Branford, a Senior Admissions Fellow, an editor of Cadenza Magazine, am in CISLA, in the a cappella group Miss Connduct, and on the Philosophy Student Advisory Board.
How is it being back on campus after spending the majority of 2013 in a huge city like Paris? 
I’m so happy to be back! It inevitably felt a little surreal to resume my routine here after having spent 7 months in beautiful, crazy Paris. But I did miss our Conn bubble, and all the smiling faces that fill it, so much. I am really grateful to come home to a place where I can be the biggest fool and drink Moos in Coffee Grounds and sit in a class of four people with an incredible professor calling us her “busy bees” …not to mention the luxury of tumbling out of bed fifteen minutes before class starts!!
Do you plan on doing any more traveling when you are done with school? What are your plans for after graduation?
Definitely! After graduation, I want to take some time to gather myself and figure out what I’m actually passionate about pursuing. While I was abroad, I applied for a job with French Heritage Society, which would entail gardening and tour guiding at a tiny castle somewhere in France next summer. I’m hoping to afterwards go to Munich to live with my sister for a while—and obviously go to Oktoberfest! I’d also love to backpack through Eastern then Western Europe… Right now, I’m trying to find scholarships/internships that correspond to my interest in journalism, psychology, ethics, editing, or marketing, which could inform how I spend the rest of my time leading up to grad school applications. Until then, I can’t wait to have an enriching, fist-pumping, and cuddly senior year at Conn!
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