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Campus Celebrity: Megan Reback

Conn Coll, please meet this week’s Campus Celebrity: Megan Reback. As the producer of this year’s production of Vagina Monologues, Megan is truly an inspiration when it comes to student activism. With a cast of 90 women, this year’s Vagina Monologues demonstrates the power of a unified female voice, through which equality and justice can be realized. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Megan about her experience as the producer of this thought-provoking show… here is what this trailblazer had to say. 

Hometown: Katonah, NY 
Major: Government & English
Dorm: Harkness

For people who do not know anything about the show, can you tell us a little about the premise of Vagina Monologues?

Playwright Eve Ensler wrote the Vagina Monologues in 1996 based on a series of interviews with women from all over the world about their experiences. The monologues are based on each of these women’s stories, and range from having good experiences with men to experiencing sexual violence in war zones. Each year, the organization V-Day chooses a country to spotlight. This year, part of our funds will go to the women and girls of Haiti and there is a new monologue this year about Haitian women. 

Over your college career, how long have you been involved with Vagina Monologues?

I have been involved all four years at Connecticut College!

Why did you get involved?

I first read the Vagina Monologues when I was sixteen years old, and it deeply affected the way I view myself and the state of women in the world. Although in high school my community was less than supportive of the show, I have found an amazing community of activists who support the show at Conn. 

You are producer of the show. How was this experience– what were your biggest challenges? What were your biggest triumphs? What did you like most about this role?

Although being producer is challenging, as I have to manage a cast of 90 women and all that is associated with fundraising, educating, and putting on a show, it is incredibly cathartic. I believe more than anything in this cause, so to be able to be involved in every single aspect of it is the best way to spend my time, and the only way I could imagine leaving my senior year. I’m lucky because all of my friends are involved in leadership positions, and they are just as passionate as me. 

What do you have to say about this year’s group of women in the production?

These ladies are fierce, passionate, and smart. What is clearest to me about the cast is that they are not part of it to be on stage. They are really involved and invested in the mission of the show, and that is the best! There is a huge group of freshmen, many of whom knew very little about the show a few months ago, so that part is awesome too. Shout out to my cast sister, Sarah Elrafei. 

What should people take away from watching the show?

The reality of violence against women globally and locally, and that we are capable of educating ourselves and helping to stop this epidemic. 

You are also a senior, what will you miss most about Conn?

The community.

Describe Conn in one word:


Elyse Lebel is a senior at Connecticut College majoring in Psychology and Sociology. Studying abroad her spring semester in Copenhagen, Denmark, she loves to travel and learn about different cultures. As co-founder of the Her Campus branch at her school, Elyse has a strong passion and interest in writing, communications, and fashion. This summer, Elyse interned at Teen Voices, a non-profit magazine based in Boston, and is excited to continue to gain experience in online publication with the HC team!
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