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Campus Celebrity: Kevin Saunders

When he’s not busy being #relevant on campus as an Economics and Government double major, and a member of clubs on campus such as SGA and the Senior Giving Committee (to name a few), this week’s Campus Celebrity is always the life of the party at Humphrey’s. He aspires to have his own reality show one day and we think he is more than deserving! Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, Kevin Saunders!


Class Year: 2015

Hometown: Wethersfield, CT

Nickname: Ksaunds

Major: Economics and Government Double Major

Extracurricular Activities: SGA (Student Government Association), Varsity Swimming, Senior Giving Committee, Phone-A-Thon

Favorite TV show/movie: I’m a sucker for anything that’s a reality TV show. I aspire to have my own one day. 

Do you have a most embarrassing moment? On the first day or orientation I went to Fanning to take a math placement test and I went up the stairs of the front door to find that it wasn’t a door.  I now refer to the building as “Fake Door Fanning.” 

What are your plans after College? After graduation I will be heading to New York City to work in finance and live out my dream of becoming a New York City socialite. The concrete jungle better brace itself because this lion is ready to roar!

Any words of wisdom? Always be relevant. If people aren’t talking about you, you aren’t relevant.

If you had to choose a favorite memory from Conn, what would it be? I would say all the Floralias I have attended. I also really enjoyed my time studying abroad in London, England. I had the opportunity of clubbing with Nelly and the 49ers.  

What’s your favorite place on campus? Humphrey’s (campus bar) and Tempel Green on a warm spring afternoon.  

How does it feel to be campus celebrity? It is truly an honor! Thanks! 


Charlotte is a Senior here at Connecticut College. She is an English Major and Psychology Minor. She enjoys writing and social media! 
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