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Campus Celebrity: Heidi Muñoz

Written by Emma Anderson

Meet Heidi Muñoz, a History and Gender and Women’s Studies double major from Hyattsville, Maryland, and also the nicest person ever! From PICA to being a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, Heidi has a lot going on. Find out what Heidi did this past summer, what she hopes to do next summer and how much she loves chocolate cake.

Class Year: 2017

Hometown: Hyattsville, Maryland

Majors: History and Gender and Women’s Studies

Extracurricular activities: 

ALANA Program, Higher Edge (PICA Placement), Multicultural Weekend Coordinator, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, Social Justice and Sustainability Pathway Committee

What did you do this past summer?

This past summer, I interned at the National Education Association in Washington DC conducting research under the Human and Civil Rights Department and worked at an Italian Deli, A. Litteri Inc., also in DC (definitely check it out if you ever make it to DC!)

Are you excited to go abroad?

I am EXTREMELY excited to study abroad in Perugia, Italy, this upcoming semester. I have always wanted to visit Italy, and I still cannot believe I will be spending an entire semester there!

What is it like being apart of PICA?

It has been a wonderful experience to be part of a group of people who specialize in different academic areas but all share the same passion for addressing social justice issues and creating social and structural change within our communities.

What other activities are you involved in?

Well, I always keep this saying in mind “ If you are going to do something, do it well” and considering I have three jobs on campus and research that takes up most of my time, I sadly had to cut down on many other activities I used to partake in.  

Any plans for your CELS internship?

I am still looking… My research is focused on immigration and education (too long too go into depth on here), so considering I have already interned at an organization that focuses on education, I want to intern at an organization that focuses on immigration. I went to Arizona during spring break last semester as part of my race and ethnicity course and I am hoping to go back to Arizona because I know there is a lot of amazing work being done there, so we’ll see.

What is your favorite food?

Chocolate cake…I will choose chocolate cake over any other food, any day at any time.

Do you have a favorite class or professor taken at Conn?

Professor Garofalo and Professor Rotramel are two of the best professors I have had at Conn, hands down!

Do you have an embarrassing Camel moment?

Who doesn’t?

Favorite color: I have an odd obsession with the color purple.

Spirit animal: Panda

How do you feel about being Campus Celebrity?


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