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Campus Celebrity: Courtney Dumont

Meet the first Campus Celebrity of the semester: Courtney Dumont! Courtney is a hilarious and talented senior with something to brag about: she is the leading scorer for women’s ice hockey in the entire history of the Connecticut College team! She may be good at hockey, but she’s also great at pick-up lines…Read on to find out more about Courtney and her awesome accomplishments!

Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine

Major: Philosophy and History 

Minor: Math 

Extracurricular activities: Women’s Ice Hockey, although I assume you know that already.

Word on the street is that you have scored the most goals in the history of Connecticut College women’s ice hockey -- congratulations!!! Could you tell us a bit about this experience and your accomplishments?

Yea, I’ve also heard that, so it must be true! Seriously, though I cannot count all the hours on and off the ice through preseason, lifting, practices, games, traveling, and training room therapy that were necessary to meet this goal-- all while actively participating in classes, trying to produce my best schoolwork, and finding time to connect with friends and build meaningful life long friendships. When I looked at records, like most people, I always saw just a number. But my experience over the last four years and the journey in becoming the leading point and goal scorer for Connecticut College Women’s Ice Hockey has taught me that records are not just numbers. The number itself is not important. The dedication, strength, and perseverance of the people responsible for it that record (in this case me and all my teammates), that the number represents -- that is important.

Wow! How many points have you scored?

As far as scoring goes, for hockey you get an assist if you pass to the player who then directly scores the goal, if you shoot and someone scores by deflecting your shot or someone scores directly after your shot rebounds off your opponent’s goalie. Both goals and assists are worth one point each. Currently, I have 46 goals and 28 assists for a total of 74 points.

How does it feel to be a record-setter?

It feels amazing to know that over my four years here I have had the strongest individual statistical impact on the success of this program. That is definitely something I am very proud of and something I am sure I will be able to look to in order to gain strength and confidence in the future when I look back at my time here. It is important, for me especially, to know and always remember that this record is only statistical and only point scoring. I feel certain that there are many more people who have had a much greater and more beneficial impact on the program than I have, coaches and athletes alike. I see a few of them everyday.

What position do you play?

I play center. It is a forward position, but like everyone in hockey, my position is just as much defensive as offensive.

What’s the best part of being on the hockey team?

Oh shucks, such a hard question! There are so many wonderful things about being on this hockey team specifically. It is unlike any other team I have ever been on and I was a three-sport athlete for nearly a decade. The best thing about being on this team is very hard to put into words, because I feel it everyday and it manifests itself even when I am not with my team. We have so much respect for each other and care so deeply about one another that it is the closest bond I have ever felt. I feel it is pretty safe to say someone would consider herself very lucky if she had a few lifelong friendships. Being a part of this team is having far more than twenty-five lifelong friends. We don’t always get along, like each other, or jive personality wise, but we always respect and care for each other. This is something that started just last year, and I seriously hope it continues.

How long have you been playing hockey?

I started when I was five years old, so seventeen years now.

Tell us about your first experience on the ice. 

I remember being over-the-moon excited about hockey practice when I was five. I remember everyday I would ask my mom if I had hockey. She would say, “No Peanut (my mom thought this was a term of endearment), you only have hockey on Sunday.”  “Well is it Sunday?” “No, it’s Monday.” And then I would cry, because it was not Sunday. Everyday it was the same, except for Sunday.

What has been your worst hockey injury?

I have to go with Compartment Syndrome, because it requires surgery to fix, whereas all my other injuries have thus far been short-term and not too severe.

What is coming up next for the hockey team? Are there any upcoming games we should know about?

Unfortunately, our last league home game was Saturday, but we have a non-league home game on Tuesday, February 4, that could help us build a lot of momentum going into the last two weeks of the regular season.

Best Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

Black shirt with a green dot and yellow dot plus my red hair = traffic light.

Do you have any secret talents?

Not yet, but I’ve been reading all of my history books out loud in my room with a Scottish accent, so hopefully I’ll be able do a good Scottish accent by the time I graduate.

Favorite pick-up line?

I have two go-to's:

1) Hi, I have a genetic mutation (redhead gene) that causes me to look interesting while my personality may or may not back-up this image. Care to find out?

2) Hi! I’m a twin, so I’m one of two, but I can definitely tell you’re one of a kind. ;) 

What’s your favorite memory at Conn?

That is like asking Ellen DeGeneres to choose her favorite Emmy. There’s just too many shiny, smooth, and rewarding memories to pick just one.

You’re a senior! How does it feel to be graduating this year?

It feels surreal. I think I’m still in denial about it. Which is impressive considering I just had my senior game for hockey this past weekend. I will miss all the beautiful people here and the community based on our beautiful dreams of a better world.


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