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Campus Celebrity: Caroline Leonard

Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity: Caroline Leonard! This senior celeb is involved in so much from varsity athletics to CISLA to PEEPS.  She also gives some excellent advice about how to get the most out of your Conn experience.

Class Year:  2016

Hometown: Hingham, MA

Majors: International Relations and Hispanic Studies

Extracurricular activities: Women’s cross country/indoor/outdoor track teams, CISLA, PEEPS, office assistant at Department of College Advancement

Favorite book: Gone Girl

Spirit animal: Cheetah

Guilty pleasure: Candy, chocolate…basically my sweet tooth

Party anthem: “Cheerleader”

Favorite place on campus: Rocks by the water on Mamacoke Island

Do you have a favorite class or professor taken at Conn?

It is hard to pick only one! I have enjoyed working with the variety of the talented faculty we have at Conn. I learned a lot from Professor Hybel’s U.S. Foreign Policy class last spring, and I am really enjoying my IR seminar this semester on the Iraq War with Professor Sayej.

Do you have an embarrassing Camel moment?

I have taken many epic falls during my time at Conn so far. Probably the worst being when I broke my elbow slipping on ice last winter. #1 goal for the rest of senior year: Don’t fall.

What is your favorite Harris food?

I have to say Harris does a great job with salmon, one of my favorite foods, but I also live off the cereal, yogurt, granola, and peanut butter sections.

What is one thing you have not checked off your Conn bucket list yet?

Haven’t been to Mohegan Sun yet, hoping to check that out soon. Also want to watch a sunrise from start to end on Tempel Green before I’m done.

As a graduating Senior, what advice would you give to underclassmen?

Be proactive and take advantage of the opportunities Conn offers. Finding your niche and connecting with people can allow you to make your Conn experience that much better. Utilize CELS too, they are great !

How do you feel about being Campus Celebrity?

Flattered especially when we have so many unnoticed celebrities on our campus:)

Anything else you’d like to share?

I would like to thank Office of Study Away and CISLA for allowing me to travel and see some amazing places in the world. Being able to live and work in Spain and Colombia this past year has sparked my interest to pursue a career in the international field. Also, shout out to all my camel runners, I have enjoyed all the ups and downs of running with you all throughout our seasons together, wouldn’t change it for anything! 

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