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Campus Celebrity: Brooke Thayer

Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity: Brooke Thayer! Brooke is a senior that has certainly made the most of her four years at Connecticut College. You may have seen her performing with the ConnArtists, advising peers through the Student Support Network, or volunteering her time with OVCS. Also, Brooke applies her interest in fashion, style, and art to write for theLOOK magazine. Even though she loves being involved in her many different extracurriculars, Brooke’s passion lies with her involvement in A cappella. Find out more about our Campus Celebrity’s favorite class, advice she would give to underclassmen, and how she developed her own personal style!

Class Year: 2015

Hometown: Pelham, NY

Major: English

Minor: Human Development

Extracurricular activities: 
A cappella (ConnArtists), SSN (Student Support Network), OVCS volunteering, Writer for theLOOK

Favorite place on campus: The Caroline Black Garden. It’s so peaceful, and living in Abbey House, it feels like my own backyard!

Guilty pleasure: It’s a tie between Food Network and Law and Order: SVU.

How did you become interested in English and Human Development? 

I have always been a good writer, and I love to read. When I got to Conn, I had no idea what I wanted to major in, but after my first English class, I realized that I should stick to what I love and improve upon those skills. Also, being a good writer is one of the most important qualities you can have as someone in the job world! As for human development, the minor focuses on childhood development and requires you to do service learning projects at the elementary schools around New London. I loved that part of the minor and maybe one day I’ll be a teacher myself.

Tell us about your time studying abroad!

I studied abroad in London, England. For academics I took two English courses, one in European Cultural Studies and another in Art History. Outside of studying, I would probably say that my favorite study abroad experience was going to Munich for Oktoberfest! 

Describe your summer internship experience:

This past summer I worked at Bloomberg LP in New York City as a recruiting intern for Sales and Analytics. It was an incredible learning experience and went beyond the normal internship program. We had weekly speaker series from Bloomberg’s senior leaders, community service trips, and the opportunity to job shadow an employee in any department you were interested in. 

What is your favorite thing that you have been involved with on campus? 

A cappella, for sure. It’s my favorite part of the day!

You are a chic Camel! How did you develop your personal style?

I would describe my style as classic and comfortable. My wardrobe definitely adapts with the times but overall, my clothes are pretty timeless. I like to wear simple yet feminine pieces that I think fit well with my personality. 

Do you have a favorite class or professor taken at Conn?

That’s a tough one. Honestly, I think my favorite class I’ve taken at Conn is one that I’m taking right now, Movers and Shakers. I love being on my feet and it has really taught me a lot about how my body reacts to stress, sleep, etc. But most importantly, it’s a ton of fun!

What is one thing you have not checked off your Conn bucket list yet?

There are a couple events that I, regretfully, have never gone to like the TedX Conference and Vagina Monologues, which I’m really excited to experience this year!

As a graduating senior, what advice would you give to underclassmen?

Don’t feel like you need to race to complete all your Gen Eds. Slow down and take classes that really interest you or that are a little outside your comfort zone. I tried to finish them as fast as I could and ended up taking classes I really didn’t enjoy. There are some amazing courses that Conn offers whether it’s ‘Bob Dylan’ or scuba diving that students should take advantage of! 

How do you feel about being Campus Celebrity?

Totally surprised but couldn’t be happier! Thanks again for the nomination!

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Annie Clay

Conn Coll

Annie Clay is a junior at Connecticut College from Westchester, NY. She is majoring in Economics and enjoys reading the Wall Street Journal and watching re-runs of The Office. Annie loves starbucks coffee and going to spin class. 
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