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Campus Celebrity: Ariana Taylor

Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, Ariana Taylor. Ariana is heavily involved here at Conn, serving on Honor Council, putting together theLook, and making sure we are all covered in Camel gear in the bookstore.  Not to mention she has great style (her biggest fear is wearing all white) and can brighten anyone’s day.  Read on to discover more about this inspiring Camel! 
Class year: 2016 
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Government
Minor: Religious Studies…that may turn into a major 
Extracurricular activities: Style Director and Blog Master of theLook Magazine, Honor Council Representative, Honor Council Chair, Senior Week Chair, Government Student Advisory Board Rep, student worker at the college bookstore and Phone-athon Manager (Alumni Relations).
What is the most rewarding aspect of being a student leader here on campus?
The number one most rewarding thing about being a student leader on campus would have to be working with the different offices on campus. The Phone-athon allows me to work with people from alumni relations, which is cool because it’s a different area of campus students really don’t venture to. Being chair of Senior Week and on HC, allows me to have two totally different relationships with people in the Office of Student Life. Of course, the most rewarding is when you see all of your hard work come together to make the community better. 
What is your favorite organization that you’re apart of?
I love them all for very different reasons. But I am most passionate about the Honor Council. There have been multiple times this semester that I’ve chosen to sub for cases instead of working. Being a rep is such a privilege because you directly affect change on campus. The council as a whole, especially this year has been the best. We all get along so well and genuinely have such a fun time together during hearings. Everybody is just so hilarious. Also, this year I returned to the phone-athon and soon became a manager. We are all such a family so I really enjoy working there. 
How would you describe your style?
My wardrobe mainly consists of earth tones, cream and black. My biggest fear is having to wear all white (which is why I had to opt out of laurel chain for graduation). I can’t express enough how much I love black. Black pants are my staple, even in summer. My go to style would have to be simple and classic. I don’t normally do a lot of patterns or color. I’m the type to buy an expensive shirt and wear it multiple ways. 
Favorite store or designer?
There is no one favorite store for me. But my top faves are: ASOS (my latest obsession), J. Crew (classic fav), Torrid (pricey, but I never leave empty handed), Gilt and lastly the best finds are the ones that are thrifted. After watching this past year’s NYFW, I have to remain faithful to Tom Ford, he came through for me. However, I really enjoyed Derek Lam’s line that was featured. Both Tom Ford and Derek Lam used lots of black and leopard print, which is an A in my book, and their looks were “ready to wear.”
Any advice for underclassmen?
1. When you find good friends keep them.
2. When choosing to get involved, don’t go with what looks good, do what you enjoy.
3. Get to know your teachers, they are actually really cool. 
4. Don’t be afraid to speak up if and when you disagree.
5. Call your parents, they probably miss you. 
Best class taken at Conn?
These questions are so tough! The most interesting class I’ve ever taken was definitely Religion 401 with the great Eugene Gallagher. It taught me so much about how religion played a role in my life, so it was definitely an experience. It was a dream because it was a seminar so it was small, the class was all discussion based, we had weekly snacks (you can’t beat that), and our final was super creative. Plus Professor Gallagher is probably one of the most interesting people on this campus, so he just amazes me. 
Any special tips or advice on how to balance so many responsibilities? 
Keep a planner! In the past I never used a planner which was the worst idea ever because I have a bad memory. Also, don’t over work yourself, do what you can. Always make time for friends! My biggest key to keeping up with all of my responsibilities is making sure you enjoy them because they are all such a huge time commitment. 
Celebrity crush? 
The one and only, my husband…Jon Hamm (pre-rehab check in) Oh and my BFF, CJ because he was Campus Cutie which kinda makes him a celebrity…right?
What do you want to accomplish here before you graduate? 
This may sound corny but I am kinda in the process of accomplishing my big “goal” before I graduate and that is figuring out who Ariana is as a person. That process really started for me this year. I have learned so much about my self. I always say if you come into college and leave the same, you did it wrong. Oh, and also, being chair of Honor Council was/is a big accomplishment. So I am pretty excited about that. 
How do you feel about being Campus Celebrity? 
Never lucky, always blessed.
Emily Morgan is a junior at Connecticut College.  She is studying international relations and loves to write for HerCampus.  She can be found either playing viola in the orchestra or dancing in the dance studio.  
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