Camelympics Wrap-Up

As you may know, this year was the twentieth year of Camelympics. Camelympics is a one day event during which the different areas of campus compete in fun games such as  Quidditch, Shaving Cream Wiffle Ball, Wii Rockband, Slip N Slide Kickball, Human Hungry Hippos and others.  

This year’s Camelympics differed from years past as the teams were no longer divided up by house. Instead, the teams were divided into the different areas of campus --North, South and Central Campus along with the Village.  Along with the competitive games, there were other events such as the opening ceremony at Cro, relay races and an egg drop. During Camelympics, there was also a barbeque dinner, and despite the chilly temperature, many people braved the elements and picnicked on Cro Green.

The overall winner was Central Campus with North Campus coming in a few points shy, and the winner of the best T-shirt design went to Knowlton house for its inspired House of Camel crest. This year’s Camelympics was a hit as students got a chance to run around campus chasing the snitch, throw playground balls at each other or cheer on friends in their events.

Not knowing what to expect from Camelympics, Her Campus freshmen were excited to hear house staff talk about how much they enjoyed past Camelympics and how it was a good way to have fun as well as meet people on campus. Those stories convinced first-years to sign up for a few events, and although many may have lamented the loss of a day doing homework, Camelympics was not an event to miss! It is a truly special Conn tradition!