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Camels of the Week: Shelly Rodriguez, Marisa Bryant, and Cecilia Bole

Meet this week’s featured Camels: Shelly Rodriguez, Marisa Bryant, and Cecilia Bole!  They are all super involved in the dance show Eclipse. Eclipse is Saturday April 30th at 7:00 pm. You can buy tickets in Cro in the week leading up to the show. Everyone should go! 



What is Eclipse?

Shelly Rodriguez: Eclipse is multi cultural show on campus, where we try to bring different styles of art to the campus community, with an emphasis on cultural diversity. However, this sometimes gets really difficult, because we would never want to appropriate any cultures and it is sometimes difficult when not to many people audition specific pieces. We try our best to be all inclusive! Anyone can be a part of Eclipse, and that’s the beauty of it, no experience necessary! 

What is the most challenging part of preparing for Eclipse?

SR: I think the most challenging part about being in Eclipse is learning all the choreography, balancing you schedule and if you are apart of Eboard [executive board], managing different personalities and working with everyone. 

Marisa Bryant: The most challenging part of preparing for Eclipse is definitely the tech week right before the show. We have rehearsals almost every day that week from 5-10pm (or whenever we finish) in order to prepare for the show. It’s a lot of very exhausting work, but definitely worth it!

Cecilia Bole: The most challenging part of eclipse for me is balancing the different aspects of my involvement in the club. I am a choreographer, dancer, as well as an executive board member in eclipse. It’s definitely been a challenge to figure out how to balance my time.


What is your favorite thing about being a part of Eclipse?

SR: I think my favorite part of being part of Eclipse is the beautiful people you get the chance to meet and best of all, how amazing the outcome of the show is!! The hard work truly pays off. 

MB: I love being a part of Eclipse because of the community of people. I have never met harder workers in my life and some of the people I meet through Eclipse I would not have met otherwise. It’s also pretty fun to help produce such a popular, high-energy show. There’s really no better reward than the rush of energy our dancers get when seeing Palmer filled with audience members.

CB: My favorite part about eclipse is dancing. I love being able to do so many different styles (hip hop, jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theater, West African, etc.) all in one show. Another great thing about eclipse is meeting new people, and becoming such close friends with them throughout the process! 


Why should we all go see Eclipse?

SR: I think everyone on campus and in the New London community should come see Eclipse, because it’s a lot of fun, the pieces are incredible, and it’s the only show on campus that sells out Palmer, so you wouldn’t want to miss it! I think everyone should give Eclipse a chance even if it’s only one year while being at Conn. It can get a bit hectic and stressful, but it is definitely worth it! 

MB: Eclipse has so many different dance styles that there is always something for you! We guarantee you will know AT LEAST 10 people in the show. You will either jam out to the music, start dancing in your seat, or be in awe of the amazing dancers on the stage. The bigger audience we have, the more energy we are able to give to the performance! WE WILL SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!! :)

CB: Because it’s such a fun show! It’s upbeat, exciting, and extremely diverse. You won’t regret going! 


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