Camel of the Week: Becca Leaman

Meet Becca Leaman, Psychology major, Arabic minor and planning on getting her teaching certificate in elementary education. From being a student adviser to taking three education classes, Becca is certainly busy, but she is one of the most personable people you’ll ever meet. Check out our latest Camel of the week!





Class Year: 2018


Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah


Major: Psychology


Minor: Arabic, Elementary Education Certification Program


Extracurriculars: Chair of Communications for Hillel, Miss CONNduct, Student Adviser


Favorite place on campus: I spend the most time in the library, my favorite spot is on the second floor at the tables in between the bookshelves.


What do you want to accomplish with your majors?:  I was thinking of working with refugees but it would be fun to teach or maybe even take it a step further and teach abroad.


For many education course there is a community learning component, where are you placed for such a learning experience? I’m working with second graders at Nathan Hale, which is really cool considering I want to teach first, second or third grade.


What is your go-to gourmet Harris creation?: I am not creative in Harris, but I do make good salads, I like when they have Kale. My ideal salad  would be kale, jicama, sunflowers, beets, and bleu cheese.


What were/are you involved in back in Utah? I taught 1st grade at the religious school back at home. I was a camp counselor for the past three years at a Jewish day camp, I actually just got a promotion, so now I’m in charge of some of the counselors and I will deal with the kids who are troublemakers. Also, I was on the robotics team in high school, not many people know that


How do you feel about being Camel of the week?: I wish I was campus cutie (you should change it back) but it's exciting.


Anything else you’d like to share? I like working with kids and I think it's cool that I can shape the minds of the future generations.