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The Camel Dictionary

A true Conn student speaks fluent Camel lingo.  You are sure to never be lost in a conversation with our handy Connecticut College Dictionary of most frequently used terms on campus! 

AC: Our beautiful gym, topped with a view of the Thames River and a dreaded walk up and down a steep hill that feels like 10 miles long.

Arbo: The Connecticut College Arboretum; home of a variety of trees, a lovely pond, and campus stoners. 

Blue Camel: Overly priced coffee and melt-in-your-mouth muffins that you simply cannot resist.

Canopy: A “PG” code word for tent dance.  

Coasties: Our frenemies from across the street. You cannot miss their nifty uniforms!

Club Shain: Hot spot for studying (and procrastination) purposes.

Dirty South: Knowlton, Harkness, JA and Freeman and all the debauchery and mayhem you need.

Harry’s Taxi: Can be found in your ICE contacts. You know your favorite driver; he’s always there when you need him, whether it’s a trip to Tiki or the airport, they’ve got you.

Goat: The humble abode of the infamous lacrosse team and a disastrous septic tank.

Floor Party: A crowded gathering with approximately an 18-minute duration. Where personal space ceases to exist. 

Floralia: Christmas and your birthday rolled into one day.

Harris: Sunday morning brunches at Harris welcomes night before stories, hangover cures, and running into your Saturday fling.  Shout out to Chef Michael!

The Tunnel: The underground passageway connecting KB and Larrabee dorms.

Naked Man: The mysterious naked statue in the left corner of the library, constructed by a former camel.

Norm’s: 24-hour diner that is frequented by camels at all hours of the day and night.

Oasis: Pizza, mozz-sticks, mac n’ cheese bites, OH MY! 

Plex: The newly modeled consortium of dorms; exclusively offering Camels being able to have breakfast in pajamas, the cleanest bathrooms, and hospital mood lighting.

Ridge: 12 apartments full of Saturday night memories…or lack there of.

Soup n’ Bread: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s hot spot; heaven by way of fresh bread and homemade soup.

Tent dance: What happens under the tent, stays under the tent.

Tempel Green: Come spring time, Tempel Green is home of soccer games, kan jam, sun bathing, and music!

Tiki: Downtown New Lo bar and a Thursday night favorite.

Toll House Cookie Pie: A slice of chocolate chip cookie, Conn’s pride and joy. Best heated up.

1962 Room: Home to everyone’s favorite weekly dances, where every Cromance is started.


My name is Alex Breakstone and I am a current sophomore at Connecticut College, majoring in English. I love writing and am thrilled to be writing for Her Campus! One of my favorite books is The Great Gatsby, by F.S. Fitzgerald and I am obsessed with the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's (what girl isn't!). A fun fact is that I collect rubber ducks, all different shapes and sizes (I am now reaching over 60!).
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