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Camel Coffee Cafes

There are three coffee cafes currently on the Connecticut College campus: the Coffee Closet with its extension with The Walk-in Closet, Blue Camel, and Coffee Grounds. All three coffee shops are located in north, central and south campus.

The Coffee Closet and the Walk-In are located in south campus.  Both have a beautiful new of Tempel Green through the windows. The Walk-In has a mixture of a nautical and flowery decor in the inside it has beautiful blue paint on the walls. The space looks more commercial due to the commercial business that was inside the space last year and has great seating arrangements with a big open space with chairs, tables, arm chairs, and couches. This would be a great place for group meetings, homework, or just talking to friends. It has reasonable prices for coffee and tea as well as a mixture of homemade baked goods that are packaged in groups. The Walk-In also sells a prepackage store bought granola bars.

Blue Camel Cafe is located in central campus. It has a good space, and it is located within the library. It is a great place to stop in and grab a quick coffee or small baked good. The coffees and sodas come at a good price, but they have store bought goods not homemade goods. The area is a bright open colorful space with floor length windows on two of the walls. The Blue Camel is the only cafe with great outdoor seating. Get your daily news in the cafe with the always-on televisions. Blue Camel is open 24 hours for students.

Coffee Grounds is our last coffee shop. It is located in north campus, right across from the student center. It is a cute little shop with a great variety of drinks and homemade goods all the time. This space has a smaller space than the other two, but it has a warm and cozy feel to it. A lot of student art work hangs all around the walls, and Coffee Grounds has a crying Elvis in the corner to watch over everyone. It has great lighting from windows. It is a great place to go and hang out.

Coffee Closet and Walk-in are student run with with some help from the college. Blue Camel has some student helpers, but it is mostly run by the college. These three cafes are a great study space and a great place for a cup of coffee!

Samantha is a sophomore. She is majoring in Classics with a minor in Art History. She is an avid fiction writer and you can always find her stuck in a good book.
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