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Calming Websites for Stressful Days

Finals are a few days away and we are all feeling a little stressed out! Whether you are writing a 12-page paper or studying for 3 exams at once, everyone needs a study break once in a while. Take a minute to cool off and soothe your brain with one of these websites that are calming and comforting in the midst of the chaotic finals week.

Calm.comThis website takes you through a guided “calm session” for any amount of time you specify, so you can unwind without worrying about loosing track of time and taking a longer break than you meant to. Listen to the soothing voice and follow the guide to relax your body.

The Quiet PlaceThis activity is simple and quick, but incredibly relaxing. Soothing messages appear on the screen and you can click your space bar when you’re ready to move on. After going on this site, a burden is lifted off your shoulders and hopefully you’ll feel more focused and ready to continue working, which isn’t always easy to do after a study break! A quicker, 90-second version of this exercise is also available for those in a stressful time crunch.

Calming ManateeEverybody needs a calming manatee to tell them nice things and make them feel better! This website can change your mood in record time.

The Thoughts RoomSimply type your nervous and negative thoughts onto the screen and watch them crumble and fall away! For whatever reason, it really does help with overwhelming thoughts and deadlines that clog up your brain during finals weeks.

Weave Silk: Drag your mouse around and draw mesmerizing silk patterns. It kind of numbs your mind for a minute and it’s always nice to turn off your brain for a while after using it for hours. Basically, just look at the pretty colors and feel accomplished that you made such a nice design all by yourself!

Rainy Mood: If you are trying to study but there are too many distracting noises around you and you don’t like listening to music while studying, put on Rainy Mood! It blocks out background noise, but isn’t as distracting as lyrical music can be while you’re reading. Another favorite white noise site can also be found here.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes: This site is self-explanatory. You just don’t do anything for two whole minutes. Soothing waves sound in the background and you are forced to chill out. If you move your mouse or touch your keyboard, the timer starts over, so really, just do what it says and do nothing at all.

Try out these sites and find out which one works best for you. Happy Finals! For more procrastination and motivation, check out more of our blogs!! 

Anne Colletta is a senior at Connecticut College, she is majoring in Art History and is a candidate for a Museum Studies Certificate. She is from Long Island, and loves social media, boy bands, and antiquing on weekends.
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