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Breaking News: Oasis is Changing Hours….Again.

Most Connecticut College students were disappointed to hear the news back in January that Oasis would be changing their closing hours from 2:00 am on weekends to 1:00 am every day. It didn’t seem to make sense because everyone knows that a good Cro dance is complemented by a quick dance break when we go into Oasis and recharge with mozzarella sticks, pizza, or those delicious soft cookies! That hour between 1:00 am and 2:00 am had a lot of business from slightly inebriated college students and the student body was left confused as to why Oasis would take that away.

We sat down with Ingrid Bushwack, Director of Dining Services, to find out the thought process behind the changing hours and we got the first scoop on the update that is sure to make the student body smile again! On Saturdays, Oasis will now open at 1:00 pm and close at 2:00 am starting this Saturday, March 29. This will be the normal opening and closing times for Saturday for the rest of the academic year. Thanks to Evert Fowle and everyone on SGA for all of their efforts to make this change happen!


1. Why did Oasis decide to change their hours back in January?   

In the Fall of 2013 the college administration asked departments to review their budget to see if any savings could be generated. Those savings were to be reallocated to other campus initiatives. At that time there was a vacant hourly position in the Oasis Snack Shop. We were asked if it would be possible to freeze that position without greatly effecting the hours of operation. In order to do that we made some small changes to the Oasis Snack Shop’s hours of operation.

2. Did Oasis expect the backlash that came out of changing these hours?  
We trimmed both the opening times and the closing times hoping to balance out the change between all our customers.  Four days a week (Sunday through Wednesday) the closing times was actually extended by a half hour each day. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday there was a loss of 1 hour each evening. We knew that the change wasn’t going to be “popular” but felt we had tried to make changes that didn’t effect just one group of customers; hence the change in the opening hours as well.
3. How did you come to the conclusion to change the hours again?  
In Evert’s meeting with Ulysses Hammond and myself, Evert presented the compromise idea of being open until 2:00 am on Saturdays only. We reviewed the staffing plan and the schedule to see if this was possible without adding any labor. We decided this could work if we don’t open on Saturdays until 1:00 pm.  We decided to institute this change after Spring Break in order to allow the staff whose schedules are effected time to make plans for the change.
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