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Best Places for a Girlboss to Nap on Connecticut College’s Campus

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.

This semester, I definitely overloaded my schedule with various classes, senior projects, and part-time jobs. Along with making me pretty stressed, these commitments also made me pretty sleepy from all-nighters and caffeine withdrawals. During my time as a student for the last four years, I have found some amazing places to snooze around campus at any time of the day or night. 

Because I am a senior at Connecticut College, and because we are at the end of the semester, I am happy to stop gatekeeping my favorite nap spots on campus and let you all in on the best places for you to get some shut eye during a long day’s work. 

6. Oasis Booths in Crozier Williams 

The booths at Oasis are generally a good bet for a nap spot. Crozier Williams is open 24-hours a day, so you can be there as long as you need. Similarly, there are vending machines and a snack shop in close proximity, which can supply you with constant caffeine. The only downside is that this building is what some call “grimy” and “gross,” which sometimes gives you the sense that your skin is getting greasy just by sitting there. 

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5. 2nd Floor Couches Crozier Williams 

This spot is pretty similar to the previous, but the couches afford you a little bit more space to spread out. Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to nap here if you are like me, constantly thinking about the generations of Connecticut College students who have sat on these couches without it being washed or refurbished, which is why it is so low in the ranking. 

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4. Benches in Shain Library 

These benches are serene, comfortable, and have amazing lighting thanks to the curtain-walls behind them, making them an ideal place to catnap. Unfortunately, these benches are incredibly public; everyone in the library can see you in your moment of stress-induced vulnerability. I don’t recommend this spot between the hours of 10:00 AM-8:00 PM, but nap at your own risk!

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3.Collaboration Rooms in Shain Library

These rooms, while still in the library, have glass-doors for privacy, which makes them a more comfortable napping spot. Likewise, unlike the constant fluorescents of the rest of the library, these rooms have their own individual lights, which you can turn off for optimal napping conditions. These are a personal favorite for me, but also for everyone else. You could say that it’s prime real estate among the students; you must be prepared to fight for them.

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2. Third Floor Alcoves in Blaustein 

This spot took me a while to find, and even longer to accidentally fall asleep in, but it was well worth the wait. The lighting is soft and warm-toned, the couches are clean, and you pretty much have the whole room to yourself after business hours when the professors leave. I love love love the ambiance, which is perfect for both studying and sleeping. The only downside is that my favorite alcove has a rather unnerving portrait hanging on the main wall, which can prevent peaceful slumber. 

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1. Consultation Room in Shain Library 

This spot is absolutely incredible, and was only made known to me because of my decision to write an honors thesis. After business hours, this room is protected by a key that must be checked out in the library, at which point you can enter the most glorious place on Connecticut College’s campus, and where I spent most nights working and sleeping. It is called the Consultation Room, and it has privacy, ambient lighting with lamps, comfortable chairs, and a perfect table to spread out on. Likewise, the carpet is soft and clean if you are a floor-napper. There are no downsides to this room. It is hands-down the best place on campus to nap (and study)! 

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Happy Sleeping!…and Studying? 

Hello! My name is Catherine (she/her) and I am a Classical Languages and Art History major at Connecticut College. I am also completing a Museum Studies Certificate Program here. I work as a curatorial and archival intern at the New London County Historical Society, and I love visiting museums and spending time around good (and bad) art.