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Banks is Back and More Unapologetic Than Ever

On Monday, April 29th at noon EST, Banks dropped a new song, “Gimme”. The release of her most recent single marks her first new music release since the 2017 single “Underdog.” Banks, whose songs often feature themes of mistreatment, devaluation, and self-worth, returns in full force with this hypnotic new single. Within two days of its release, “Gimme” had reached one million streams. 

Teasing the song’s release, Banks posted an image of the album cover on social media. Inspired by Banks’s empowered and badass pose, Twitter user @imjackmathews posted a now-deleted selfie and called on others to do the same.

In response, Banks tweeted: “I fully recognize that not everyone feels comfy showing so much skin. If so- just show me a pic of you guys feeling yourself! Whether you have your half jacket on or not. #TitsOutForBanks is an attitude (i said that in a sassy voice)”

Using the hashtag #TitsOutForBanks, fans continued to post selfies, both revealing and not, in which they felt confident and powerful. 

Unsurprisingly, “confident and powerful” is exactly the vibe the song conveys. “Gimme” features distorted, echo-y vocals and dark, catchy synth beats. While retaining some of the hypnotic qualities of Banks's typical work, it is distinctive, and in some ways serves as a departure from her older music. Despite repetitive choruses and short lines, the dark, textured instrumentals save "Gimme" from falling into the formula of a more mainstream pop song. Although not as lyrically impressive or poetic as some of her other work, the lyrics align thematically with the rest of her discography. Banks sings about knowing her value, getting what she deserves, and owning her sexuality. In a statement regarding the single, Banks says that “ 'Gimme’ is a song about getting what you want. It’s about knowing what you deserve, saying it out loud, and demanding it with no apologies. I’m ready to release this into the world and begin a new chapter.”   

Does this new chapter include an album? Signs point to yes; last December, she noted that she had recorded 45 new songs and that she would be releasing a new project this year. 

Until then, you can listen to Banks's latest single HERE

Samantha is a senior at Connecticut College, double-majoring in Sociology and Economics. She is currently the Beauty Section Editor and a National Writer for Her Campus, having prior been a Beauty Editorial Intern during the summer of 2019. She is also a writer and Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Conn Coll. She is passionate about intersectional feminism, puns, and sitcoms with strong female leads.
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