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Archetypes of Connecticut College

Here at Conn, walking around campus can become an overwhelming environment of different people from all over the world. Perhaps you may be feeling lost or unsure of where you “fit in”, or maybe you have already been noticing some archetypes of Connecticut College. Here are some “stereotypical” groups you can find on campus:


It’s not difficult to spot out the LAX bros, soccer boys, or other jocks on campus. They tend to hang in packs. With their typical swag, it’s easy to identify what sport they play just by looking. These guys not only know how to play hard, but party hard.



Indie, boho, or whatever you would call it – hipsters around campus seem to be very easygoing and relaxed about college life in general. Many of them are artists or musicians, and generally have good style! Sharing tea, watching old 80’s movies, and listening to music are a few stereotypical things these individuals like to do.


Polos, boat shoes, and khakis? Yes indeed. Conn is renown for its prep scene around campus, and it’s no wonder since its located right on the New England coast. You don’t have to be a sailor to get into this crowd since the majority of campus rocks this style.


These smarties spend extra time on their studies and truly take an academic interest in what’s offered around campus. Don’t be fooled though, nerds know how to have fun too, whether it involves playing countless card games of Pokemon (okay, not really sure if that still happens) or Zombie Apocalypse role play, nerds constantly spice up the social life at Conn. Embrace your inner nerd and rock the geek chic look. 


Danielle is a sophomore at Connecticut College and is currently pursuing a double-major in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies. Danielle began writing for the Connecticut College branch of Her Campus in the fall of 2011 and will continue to write this year as Editor and Campus Correspondent. Danielle has traveled all over the world and continues her love for other cultures and languages through her studies. Besides traveling, she loves to sing and dance - especially as a member of Miss Connduct, an all-female A capella group at Connecticut College. In general, Danielle loves sushi, goats, traveling, and Star Wars/Lord of the Rings. She is thrilled to be working with Her Campus this year!
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