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9 Signs You’re An English Major

It can vary from school to school but in essence, an English Major is an English Major. You quote novels at the drop of a hat, write a million literary papers, and question what you are going to do with your life (all while keeping a pile of all the books you want to read).

You know you’re an English Major when:

1. You like to think you look like this:

2. You laugh at other people who have to get one book for a class; you have 18 books just for one class.

3. All your friends ask you for help editing papers (“Why would I go to the Writing Center when I have you?”)

4. You were seriously concerned when you moved into college about where you would put all your books.

5. You hear someone break a grammar rule and you’re just like:

6. You overanalyze absolutely everything:

7. You enjoy reading books almost as much as you like watching Netflix.

8. You get to the point where you can write a 10 page paper in your sleep.

9. You are getting tired of people asking you what you’re going to do with your life with an English Major. 

Don’t worry English Majors! You’re not alone!

Jessica is a junior at Connecticut College, but she is originally from Massachusetts. She is double majoring in English and Environmental Studies with the the hope of pursuing a career in environmental communications. She loves poetry (especially Emily Dickinson), pop punk music, and her puppy Eli. 
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