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7 Tips to Beat the Cold

Oh fall, we love the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, Halloween approaching, and pumpkin spice everything. If only we could say we loved the cold weather, too! Don’t let the drop in temperature get the best of you this season. Check out our seven tips to staying warm and making the best of the changing weather. 

1. Get out your scarves!

Not only will you not be as cold, but you can pair it with a cardigan to make a cute outfit!

2. Make sure to swing by some of Conn’s coffee shops for your favorite warm drinks! (Our go to is a dirty chai)



Coffee Grounds, Coffee Closet, Jazzamans Cafe, Oasis, and the Blue Camel Cafe!  Compared to other small liberal arts colleges, we have A LOT of coffee shops and cafes!  As the weather gets colder take advantage of the many options to get a delicious drink and warm room to escape the chill! 


3. Layers, layers, layers!



Whether you wear vests over sweaters, or jackets over vests, layering clothing will be your best friend!  Layering light clothing over each other is so much easier than having to wear a big heavy jacket, and makes it easier to cool off once you step foot in that warm coffee shop. 


4. Vests



To lazy to put on your winter coat? Just wear a vest! Vests literally go with anything long sleeved and they’re really easy to put on!

5. Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy Socks are a MUST! They keep your feet warm, are cozy, and oh so cute. 

6. Hats


Keep your head warm while also adding a cute accessory to your outfit!


7. Boots

Especially when the weather gets colder, boots are a MUST! They keep you warm, are great in snow and rain, and will be an outfit staple for months to come. 



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Hallie is a Junior who enjoys writing for Conn Coll’s Her Campus chapter! Not only does she love the fact that she shares the same initials as Her Campus (HCXO!), but she loves being part of the Her Campus Conn Coll community, as well as having the opportunity of integrating her passion for photography, journalism, and pop culture throughout her posts. She is currently on the executive board of Her Campus Conn Coll and manages the twitter account.
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