7 Products to Help You Look and Feel Your Best for Hot Girl Summer

With two weeks left in the semester, "hot girl summer" is right around the corner. These clean, cruelty free products will help you look and feel your best!

  1. 1. Kopari Beauty's Lip Glossy

    These glosses are packed with ultra-hydrating ingredients like squalane, coconut oil, and shea butter. With coconut, pineapple and watermelon flavors, they are an essential for summer and leave your lips shiny without stickiness! Want some color? Check out Birthday Suit, a subtle nude-pink tinted gloss!

  2. 2. Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Crush Fragrance Mist

    With notes of almond, jasmine, and salted caramel, you can't go wrong with this spray! Apply to hair and body for a long-lasting, subtly sweet scent.

  3. 3. Tree Hut's Sugar Scrub

    You've probably seen these body scrubs all over social media—and for good reason! An all-natural exfoliant sugar works with essential oils to gently scrub away impurities and leave skin feeling super soft. This is perfect to use before shaving to avoid razor burn and bumps! It also comes in a wide array of delicious scents, like Moroccan Rose, Coco Colada, Lavender, and Cotton Candy! 

  4. 4. Megababe's Daily Deodorant

    Antiperspirant is a major no-no—it uses aluminum to block ducts from producing sweat. Instead, this all-natural deodorant uses ingredients like sage and green tea to reduce the formation of odor-causing bacteria under your arms. Plus, it goes on clear, so just swipe and go!

  5. 5. Coola's Sun Silk Drops

    Protecting your skin never goes out of style, and this organic, SPF 30 sunscreen formula blends right into skin without leaving clogged pores or a sticky feeling. It's water-resistant and reef-friendly, so enjoy those long days at the beach!

  6. 6. Sun Bum's 3 in 1 Leave In Treatment

    Chlorine, sun exposure, and saltwater can wreak havoc on your hair. This leave-in treatment detangles, conditions, and protects hair with ingredients like coconut oil and banana extract. Bonus, no need to rinse it out!

  7. 7. Touchland's Power Mist

    Hot girl summer doesn't mean we can forget about the pandemic though, and Touchland's hand sanitizer mist kills 99.9% of germs and absorbs quickly! They also offer adorable accessories like shields, pouches and lanyards, so you can take it with you everywhere.